ABM measurement is a challenge to get right. Find out what we’re doing about it.


ABM measurement is a challenge to get right. Find out what we’re doing about it.

As a longtime leader in ABM strategy, development, management, and measurement, we’re shining a light on best practice approaches for ABM measurement. 

We know measuring and communicating the impact and value of ABM investments is a top challenge for practitioners. ITSMA and other benchmark research repeatedly demonstrate that ABM brings greater ROI than other types of B2B marketing, but the difficult reality is that a great many ABM-ers don’t measure return on ABM investments.

As part of our commitment to promoting and advancing ABM best practice, we wanted to share our knowledge and experience to ABM-ers who face measurement challenges.

Here’s what we’re doing about it:

[Webinar] “Using measurement to optimize ABM impact”

Joined by special guests, Bev Burgess, ITSMA and Andrea Clatworthy, Fujitsu, we’ll show you how to really progress your ABM measurement and demonstrate ROI in our webinar on 15th July 2020. Register here to watch the replay.

[PDF Guide] “Measuring what matters” 

Based on evidence-based research from some of our partners, including ITSMA, we’ve developed a practical guide to ABM measurement. Download it here

[Measurement Support] – ITSMA Approved Dashboard Blueprint Assessment, by Agent3

As part of our commitment to measurement excellence, we’ve developed a dashboard blueprint assessment that uncovers insights to support understanding of an organization’s capabilities around measuring ABM.

Our ABM experts analyse your program’s data, systems and processes to provide a practical recommendation to help you master your measurement. 

Find out more here.

Stay tuned to our blog where we’ll be publishing more content on ABM Measurement. 

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