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5 reasons why you should work with external consultants on your RevTech / Martech strategy

Liam Jacklin

February 22, 2022

work with external consultants

“Work with external consultants!” says external consultant.  Hmmm, not exactly an impartial point of view!  Of course we’re going to say it’s a good idea to work with us!

But please read on because whether it’s Agent3’s talented team of tech consultants you work with or someone else, there is unique value to be gained from bringing someone from outside your organization to support you with realizing the full value of your Martech investments or defining your future Revtech strategy.

1.They’ve seen it all before

A bit like doctors, there’s nothing you can show us that will shock, or that we haven’t seen before. Dysfunctional nurture programmes, broken integrations, data compliance issues, we’ve dealt with them all. Luckily we love bringing clarity to the chaos and can support with auditing, planning out a roadmap to getting things back on track and then helping you to make the changes needed.

2.They have the skills (and can give them to you as well!)

Our teams are certified or have experience across a whole range of martech and revtech applications and platforms. This means we’re well placed to lend a practical hand to optimize your setup. We also regularly offer training/upskilling to in-house teams so that they can become self-sufficient.

3.They know what good looks like

The experiences across many different customer scenarios, combined with a knowledge of what best practice looks like, means an external consultant is able to support you in creating the right strategy to suit your needs and objectives.

4.They understand the need to integrate with the full marketing mix

Having the technology is only part of the puzzle. Understanding how it functions and interplays with your broader marketing efforts is essential if you’re to gain the full value of your investment. Working with external consultants can provide an objective review of your full marketing mix and how best to set things up so that everything does what it’s supposed to do.

5.Future fit

Often, in-house teams can focus on the here and now because they have a specific issue that they’re trying to solve. Obviously, it’s great if you can solve that quickly and deliver early value, but this can sometimes be at the expense of setting things up in a way which can scale and be future-proofed. A third party can often spot this and support you to create a plan that solves the short term issue but doesn’t hold you back from developing future use cases.

If you’re struggling to get your Revtech / Martech setup firing on all cylinders it’s worth considering getting the views of a third party, whether it’s us or someone else!

Feel free to get in touch if you’d be interested in a free initial conversation with one of our experts about your current setup and future aspirations. Or have a read of some of our other blogs that touch on these topics, such as the marketing automation predictions for 2022 or how you can take your programs beyond just email blasts.

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