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Account-centric Demand Generation report: the third way between Demand Gen and ABM

Dan Sands

February 05, 2022

account centric dem gen report

We talked to 20 senior B2B practitioners – of demand generation and ABM – and discussed how to best solve the common marketing problems they each faced with account-centric demand generation. 

The B2B marketing world is changing. Just take one quick look at Google trends and you’ll see that searches for ABM and demand generation are getting interest like never before. Yet, we’re also noticing that whilst marketers are becoming more proficient at both, they might also be applying the right tactics at the wrong time and not exploiting the full potential of tools at their disposal. 

In our view, both ABM and demand generation have a lot to learn from one another. Whilst demand generation can learn a lot from ABM’s audience-centric approach, ABM can benefit from demand generation’s more focused approach at retaining stakeholders, and the need to constantly deliver high-quality content. 

So, we chatted to our extensive customer base, as well as senior B2B practitioners of ABM and demand generation, and asked them about their goals, activities, obstacles, and concerns. What we found was they all faced a set of common challenges, namely: 

  • The struggle to meet marketing expectations
  • The steep-learning curve in ABM 
  • Measurement and the difficulty to carry it out effectively
  • Progression and conversion remain a challenge

In answer to these four challenges, our report examines how this account-centric approach to demand generation can: 

  • Put your marketing expectations into perspective 
  • Help you scale the ABM learning curve and right-size it to fit your business
  • Make you consider how to utilize measurement effectively
  • Enable you to cut through the digital noise and engage the customers you want to reach

And finally:

  • What top 10 actions will improve your B2B marketing 

We know it isn’t easy to change an organization’s way of doing things, especially not overnight. Marketers are often empowered but overwhelmed by technology, their expectations are outdated, and whilst the industry is excited at the prospect of new approaches, they need to be careful they don’t limit themselves before they’ve even started. 

But we also know that when you get it right, it’s the best feeling in the world. And we want to help you achieve that, and gain confidence to know what you’re doing is working. 

Click here to download the full account-centric demand generation report to find out how this account-centric approach to demand generation can help your business to improve and build confidence in its B2B marketing.

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