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Creating insight-driven campaigns for Citrix.

Here at Agent3, insight and data inspire our creative. We don’t start with a blank sheet of paper, instead our thinking is guided by information and research. Citrix is a business that wants to transform how people work, reimagining the employee experience by increasing productivity and engagement through an intelligent workspace platform. A brilliant business that asked us to run four sector-based ABM programmes across 33 strategic accounts for them.

Agent3 had to come up with a creative way of producing engaging content that would be relevant to all accounts without having to build or produce something unique for each of them. 

Agent3 carried out extensive research, conducting insight, developing value propositions and then building out ideas after interrogating the value propositions further, enabling us to pull out themes, directions and potential ideas. Analysing the research and insights revealed an opportunity for Citrix to plant a flag and make a bold declaration about the Future of Work. 

The concept was strong – Citrix is a business that wants to transform how people work – and would resonate across multiple vertical industry sectors. Agent3 began to see how it could be worked up into a multi faceted, multi-channel, multi content format campaign. We called it the “The Freedom of Work”.

One of the great achievements of the programme is that it brings together thought leadership, brand positioning, industry insight and clear calls to action into a strong, single minded and focused campaign. The central programme is now in market and performing well. The next stage is to tailor the content down to the verticals, and further develop the campaign with new content formats, such as podcast or audio-documentary style content that could engage and nurture senior level stakeholders at target accounts in the clusters.

What is, for me, incredibly interesting about this project is how through the emerging crisis we evolved and honed the concept. Thanks to regular check-ins with Agent3 and continuous creative enhancement, the idea grew and became stronger over each iteration until we had an asset that truly positioned us as a key opinion leader in the eyes of HR and IT business leaders. Freedom of Work was also well received at a corporate level and has since been included in a global campaign.

Virginie Maillet Senior High Touch Marketing Manager, EMEA