The Agent3 Platform

A wealth of account knowledge

When marketing falls flat, it’s often because of a lack of insight – about the account, the stakeholders, their needs and priorities. And when marketers don’t know these things, they do the next best thing: they make assumptions. Sometimes that works. But in ABM, where you’re going after a few select, high-value, time-poor, whip-smart, and discerning business prospects, generic propositions aren’t good enough.

That’s why we’ve built the Agent3 Platform. It’s an insight tool built specifically to support ABM campaigns with account, executive, sector, and competitor information. This rich hub of insight into your target accounts is fed by a vast number of data sources. And it ensures that you can stay up to date with your best prospects at all times, respond to any of their activities, and be smart about the way you approach them. Simple tools allow you to filter the insights aligned to your sales / marketing focus areas. You can choose to only see what’s pertinent to your proposition(s) or you can use powerful search tools to interrogate the entirety of the platform.

What does the
Platform do?

A central dashboard presenting the latest insight into your accounts

Fed by thousands of structured and unstructured data sources

Deep insight into data about key people, context, and intent

Automated insight feeds and self service tool providing easy access and use

The basis for impactful sales and marketing campaigns

Pulls your prospects’ world onto your screen

Tap into fresh insight drawn from a huge amount of social media and business data. The rich combination of both publicly and privately available information builds a comprehensive view of your prospect’s background, their industry, the strategic priorities in their organisation, and the issues they engage with on social media. Create filters for topics, people, or sectors to drill down into interests and perceptions.

Insights on millions of articles and posts across 70,000+ global news providers

Intent data: Understand what your prospects are thinking about and when

Context data: Get the bigger picture – what are they up against?

Executive information: identify your most engaged customers

Switch between account and contact view

Plugs into your workday

It’s a fully responsive web platform that can be set up in a few minutes, and is intuitive and simple to use: you either log on, integrate it with your Salesforce instance (native integration), or customise an email alert that summarises your need-to-knows and pops them into your inbox (you choose the cadence: daily, weekly, or whatever works best for you).

Intuitive interface

Mobile or web use

Personalised dashboard

Customisable newsletter

Quick setup

Helps you act on your insight

Once you’re set up, the Agent3 Platform becomes the HQ for all your ABM insight. You’ll be able to track your best targets (we call them Insight Qualified Leads – or IQLs) and the issues that are on their minds. In short: you’ll have all the information you need to create marketing and sales conversations that make your audience lean forward. You’ll be able to make informed decisions on where to put your budget and how to best approach your prospects.

Inform your channel strategy

Address key differentiators

Arm your sales teams with conversation starters

Identify opportunties and moments to engage

Build cluster campaigns around trending topics

“We have been working with Agent3 particularly in relation to them providing actionable insights relating to key personas, organisations and industry markets. We have a fantastic relationship, where they understand our business, bringing new innovations to our partnership and driving continuous insight across our sales and marketing function. I highly recommend working with them if you are looking for deeper insight, further nurturing of client relationships and/or ABM.”

Catherine Dutton, VP Marketing, Atos

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