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MarTech and AdTech for ABM

Welcome to the marketing machine

Marketing automation has been the sea change in the industry that has fundamentally changed the way marketers can understand, target, react to, and engage with their prospects.

Today, the advanced maturity and power of MarTech and AdTech means that it’s become quite complicated to set up and run campaigns. Fine-tuning and getting the most out of your tech investment often requires specialist knowledge, and a considerable amount of resources – using it for ABM even more so. It’s near-impossible for in-house marketers to stay up to date with best practice – or gain the diverse experience that our specialists get from working on dozens of client-side projects. So if you want to fully integrate your MarTech and get it to work to its full potential – we can help.

Make the most of your investments
in MarTech and AdTech

Tap into expertise of ABM tech specialists with dozens of campaigns under their belt

Outsource campaign setup, execution, or support to us

Get certified advice for your Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot, Eloqua, Hubspot, or Adobe instance

Marketo and Pardot certified consultants

We have a specialist team who are officially trained and certified on various MarTech solutions, including Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Hubspot, and a few others. More importantly, they’ve used their knowledge of these systems in dozens of hands-on client projects, from:

  • Complete audits (where they’ll inspect your instance and recommend fixes and optimisations) to

  • Original setup and integration of the instance (where they take care of things like templates, scoring, rules and triggers)

  • Campaign setup (and fully outsourced execution) and ongoing support

Their combined experience means that they may already have found solutions to problems you’re encountering for the first time. Our clients find that’s a huge help, especially if their marketing teams are stretched thin and can’t invest the time to read up on the latest MarTech developments.

Optimise your MarTech setup

Find new opportunities to drive value from your platform

Access the latest expertise of dedicated MarTech specialists

MarTech and AdTech audits

Let’s face it: if you’ve been working with your MarTech stack for a while (and particularly if you were an early adopter), it’s likely to have developed a bit of a life of its own. Many of our clients run instances that have organically grown, are being used by a number of people to do different things, and are rarely ever tested to their full potential.

Our consultants can systematically look through your tech setup, assess how it’s being used, and help you create a more structured version of it (that’s especially important if you’re looking to repeat outcomes and nurture prospects at scale). Not only can that give your campaigns the much-needed boost, it’s also likely to elevate the way people in your business think about the technology. And it may just help you do things you never thought you could.

Optimise the configuration of your platform(s)

Enhance campaign outcomes

Boost your entire team’s ability to report on success

Administration and build of campaigns

The needs of our clients vary when it comes to MarTech support – some only want initial help to perfect their setup – then take it from there. Others prefer to outsource all their day-to-day operations to us, so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. It allows them to respond to demand from their stakeholders quickly, without losing sight of the big picture. Here are three ways we often work with our clients:

  • Nurture track build and management

    What it says on the tin: we build and run your campaign, including template and email creation, campaign logic, alerts, and target lists, the works. We monitor performance and optimise as we go along.

  • Proactive (or retained) support

    We dedicate an agreed amount of time to your MarTech optimisation each month. We agree on the tasks and activities you’d like us to work on for you – that could include building reporting mechanisms, data hygiene processes, design and testing of lead scoring models, installation of and training for new modules, etc. (We’ll discuss during an exploration session).

  • Reactive support

    This works well for marketing teams who have to deal with lots of ad-hoc requests. How it works: we put an SLA in place that gives you peace of mind that we’ll act on your needs as they arise, within a defined timeframe (and without putting additional pressure on your in-house team). Our work for you can encompass a number of things, including technical development, operational support, or the running of a campaign. In any case, you can be sure that you’ll be able to plan reliably and get back to your stakeholders quickly.

Outsource MarTech operations

Put clear SLAs in place

Set up workflow creation and project tracking for improved transparency

Manage and set expectations around response times and time-to-launch

Training and development

With updates, new versions and integrations becoming available all the time, it’s getting increasingly hard for the individual marketer to stay on top of developments in the MarTech/AdTech landscape. We can do it for you (well, we’re doing it anyway).

Our team of experienced specialists is always scouring the world of new platform releases and add-ons. They’re happy to package up their knowledge to create customised training sessions for your team.

Stay up to date with the latest developments in Martech and AdTech

Train your team on specialist platform skills

“Agent3 has played a major role in helping us optimise and streamline our Marketo productivity and outbound marketing activity. Their strategic input has been invaluable in allowing us to plan and implement key initiatives, such as our nurture tracks, while their expertise has enabled us to extract the full potential of the platform. They are a key member of our team.”

Rachel Hanman-Killick, Head of Integrated Marketing, EMEA, Pure Storage

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