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ABM Insights Services

The intelligence for razor-sharp campaigns

The best way to get a prospect’s attention is by engaging them in a way that is more relevant and useful than your competitors’.

That’s why, if you really want to move the needle on a target account, generic insight won’t do. Agent3’s Insight Services allow you to dive deeper into the organisation and people you’re after than ever before – then craft a tight value proposition, as well as an engagement strategy specifically for them.

A wealth of insight: introducing the Pulse

We’ve built a platform that makes it easy to aggregate all the information you need to deeply understand your prospects and engage them – on their terms. Insight into the right people, their intent, and the context in which they’re operating helps you identify:

  • Who to talk to

  • How to engage them

  • When the time is ripe

Marketing insight doesn’t come much richer.

Find out more about Pulse

The insight to:

Understand your target industry and the competitor landscape like an insider

Stay up to date with initiatives, priorities and pain points in your target organisation

Identify the most engaged stakeholders – and the moments when they’ll be most eager to hear from you

Competitor Analysis

A self-educating prospect is likely to check out offers that are similar to yours. We can help you understand which of your competitors they’ve shown an interest in and what they’ve engaged with specifically. We’ll also look closely at how your competitors are positioning themselves around specific solutions – in their marketing, as well as on their websites and social channels.
This insight allows you to stay ahead of your competition, tailor your communications to address key differences, and thoroughly prepare your salespeople for upcoming conversations (or you could ask us to help with those things.)

Track intent across key accounts

Identify focus topics for engagement

Fuel sales conversations

Sentiment Analysis

No B2B buying process is completely rational – past experiences, word-of-mouth, and trending topics can have a big influence on your prospects. Sentiment analysis helps you understand what your key accounts are sharing and saying online. Dig deeper into their attitudes and get a rounded picture of what they know, like, and expect from a vendor.

We’ll couple this external viewpoint with in-depth interviews with your account teams to understand past successes and failures, as well as existing relationships (good and bad) with the target account.

Stay on top of social trends

Identify perceived strengths and weaknesses

Brand Benchmarking

If you want to progress with a prospect, you need to know where you stand right now. We can help you assess the status quo of the relationship between your brand and your target accounts.

Work out how many touchpoints you already have with stakeholders (on- and offline, across CRM, marketing channels, social, events, etc). It’ll help you make the most of your existing connections and drive warm introductions and more personal engagement.

Get a complete view of your account relationships

Fully develop all existing touchpoints

Stakeholder Mapping

Not every contact in the organisation holds equal value for you at every stage of the purchase journey. To target an account with focus, it’s important to build an informed engagement plan for each of your key stakeholders. It means knowing who they are, and understanding the hierarchies in their organisation.

We can help you map your key stakeholders and their relationships with each other (Who’s the user? Who influences buying decisions? Who holds the budget?). By combining this information with insight from social listening and other data sources, you’ll develop a deep understanding of your target account. This knowledge helps make it easy for them to buy from you: you’ll be able to engage them in relevant conversations, give the influencers the right talking points, create ROI documentation for the budget holders, and much more.

Identify the key contacts throughout the buying journey

Provide impactful communications at each stage

Support internal advocates with tailored content

Deep-dive Account Profiling

For high-consideration sales, it’s not enough to demonstrate that you can solve a single pain point. You also need to show how your solution supports the organisation as a whole.

Our deep dives into your target accounts pull up a wealth of information – financial and operating metrics, SWOT analyses, past investments, insight into corporate initiatives, and much more.

Against this backdrop of rich data, you (or, indeed, we) will be able to craft a compelling narrative and engagement plan that position your offer as a key enabler of your account’s strategic objectives.

Understand your account’s strategic drivers

Identify areas of need

Address C-level pain points

“We have been through an evolution with Agent3. The intent data has been a huge change in how we track what our customers are doing – it gives us a 360-degree view of our customers. Most importantly, the Agent3 Platform helps us uncover real business opportunities for our sales teams.”

Rajarshi Purkayastha, head, product marketing and sales enablement, Tata Communications

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