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ABM Tactical Execution

Campaign execution: turning insight into action

The smartest ABM plan is worth nothing if you can’t act on it. And while you probably have some specialists in house, it’s rare for strategic marketing and sales teams to have all the resources for campaign execution. Our stable of specialists can help. They’ll support you in all aspects of building, running and monitoring your account campaigns.

Agent3’s ABM specialists are all experts in their fields, but their real strength comes from working from a shared strategy. Our writers, designers and developers turn your insights into creative content; social media experts align your social activity with the campaign focus; campaign managers drive engagement with your target accounts, and insight specialists alert your sales teams to news and triggers. Together, they’ll act as an extension of your team to make sure your campaign turns out the best it can be.

Creation of campaign assets for ABM

Copywriting, design, and digital development

Social media planning and monitoring

Support of your sales and marketing teams with insight and collateral

Sales enablement services

The best way to support a sales team is by minimising their time doing research, and maximising their time having meaningful conversations with prospects who are ready to talk.

Our sales enablement services do exactly that. The Agent3 Platform allows us (or you) to map your portfolio to the needs of your prospects, then monitor their actions. If they show an interest in a relevant topic, we (or you) alert your sales team to the opportunity and suggest the best materials to engage them (if that collateral doesn’t exist yet, we can help develop it).

The same insight goes into social media support for sales. By tracking your prospect’s activities on the relevant platforms (as a brand, and on the thought leader level), we can identify the key people, topics, and opinions. From this knowledge, we’ll develop social content to arm your teams with engaging conversation starters and material, to support of a social selling strategy for them.

Research and prep insight for your team

Free up their time

Develop relevant sales materials

Identify the best moments to engage

Personalised digital assets

Given the amount of content that decision-makers are targeted with every day, it’s important that yours cuts through the noise. We can help by developing content campaigns that are dynamic and can be highly personalised.

The problem with personalisation is that it’s hard to scale. That’s why our approach to content is modular. We work by segmenting your audience and creating content variants that are tailored to different personas, buying signals, stages in the purchase journey, etc. And that means we can have spot-on content ready for your prospects as soon as they’re ready to engage. We also integrate technology solutions such as real time web personalisation, marketing automation platforms and CRM to offer a more tailored experience without the need for manual interference.

Dynamic content based on insight

Tailored to relevant audience segments

Personalisation at scale

Location and IP-based advertising

When targeting an organisation, IP addresses and location data are hugely helpful tools. In combination with real-time bidding, they allow you to zoom in on your prospects geographically (down to post / zip code level) before overlaying other information – such as sector, or job function data. It helps you achieve a level of targeting that’s usually only available much lower in the funnel. And that usually results in click-through rates that are three times higher than display industry averages.

Doesn’t rely on cookies

Allows you to target across devices (and out of office)

Account based selling

Some agencies use the term Account Based Selling (ABS) as a synonym for ABM. WE mean something slightly different by it: using account insight to support your sales teams during the most intense bits of their job – when they’re working on bids and closing deals. At these late purchase stages, two kinds of insight are particularly important:

1. Knowledge about your prospects’ pain points, and why they haven’t been able to address them yet

2. An understanding of the competitors they’ve shown an interest in

The Agent 3 Platform helps your sales team understand which themes and topics your prospects showed an interest in pre-RFP, and how their engagement has changed in the course of your relationship with them. This knowledge will help you shape the bidding process (to play to your strengths), and identify the competitors you’re up against (to defend against them proactively.)

Arm your sales team with bottom-funnel forensic insight

Continuously engage contacts with relevant conversations

Address competitive differentiators

Up – and cross-sell more to key accounts

“Agent3 has delivered a step change in the way that we’ve previously approached marketing within our key accounts and brought ABM experience and excellence to Salesforce. The Agent3 team understands our business and provides a unique mix of strategic thinking and commercial rigour, whilst being agile, energetic and pragmatic. Working with Agent3 is a real partnership and I look forward to continued success.”

James Murfin, Strategic Account Director, Salesforce UK

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