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ABM Strategy and Program Development

Insight-driven ABM programs

If you ask us what a typical Agent3 campaign looks like, we really can’t tell you. That’s because although we have a tried-and-tested workflow, we don’t take a cookie cutter approach to the activation of the program. We can tell you this though: your campaign will be tailored specifically to your business goals and target accounts, and we won’t start planning until we’ve gathered all the information we need: industry data, insight into the organisations you’re targeting, an understanding of key people and their priorities, their relationships to one another, and preferred channels.

For successful ABM, this planning phase is crucial. It’s where all the data we’ve collected gets channelled into a purposeful narrative, tech setup, channel strategy, and action points for Marketing and Sales. Scroll down to learn what that looks like in detail.

Define core messages and account-specific narratives

Work out triggers and channels to engage

Produce an actionable plan for campaign execution

ABM Plan development

Starting with your goal in mind (most likely, more and faster-closing leads within named accounts), this is the bit where we feed every sliver of insight data we’ve gathered into the best possible plan for your ABM efforts.

This could be a cluster campaign, a 1:1 strategy, or both – we’ll help you work out which. We’ll flag any missing details (e.g. you might need more research into an industry) and work closely with you to nail down channels, messages, timelines, and action points. You can then decide whether you’d like to execute the campaign yourself, or would like us to do it for you.

Make your insight data actionable

Define campaign objectives and overall strategy

Account strategy, positioning and messaging

No-one knows your business better than you do. And if we’ve done our jobs right, we’ll have helped you gather more insight on your target accounts than you’ve ever had before. Our messaging and strategy work is where we bring the two worlds – your offer and your prospects’ needs – together.

For a coherent campaign, it’s crucial that both Sales and Marketing agree on the way forward. Our experienced specialist team, The Craft, can help make that happen. They’ll work with your teams to distil the messages that will resonate the most with your target audiences. They’ll also help you define tailored value propositions for each campaign, and success metrics that both teams can get behind.

Define the shared approach that goes into all your interactions

Align Marketing and Sales around goals and tactics

Data driven content strategy

Your content is where we package up the campaign strategy we’ve built together. Our marketers and content strategists help you refine:

  • The themes and topics you want to own as a brand

  • The attitudes, opinions, and experts you want to be known for

  • The formats and tone of voice that are most likely to resonate

  • How this plays out specifically for the accounts you’re targeting

They’ll then build a content calendar for you that engages and nurtures your target audience, taking into account everything they’ve learned about their specific pain points and issues. They’ll also audit your existing content to see if any of it can be re-purposed (or adapted) for your campaign.

Create high-value content for your targets

Offer them customised content around their specific pain points

Build an editorial calendar that engages prospects and nurtures them

Identification of engagement channels

Self-directed B2B buyers seek out their own sources of information. Most of them do their own research, and self-educate to a high degree before they’re willing to speak to a vendor. In other words: throughout most of their buying journey, your prospects are invisible to you.

That’s why it’s so important that your high-value content can be found where your prospects are likely to go. We use insight from thousands of websites to identify the best channels and sites to place your content. You’ll engage your targets at the right time, in the places they’re willing to interact.

Identify the best channels for engagement

Interact with the right content, at the right time.

“Agent3 is a valued long-term strategic marketing partner of Sony Professional. They have expertly supported delivery of numerous marketing programmes and also provided advisory and consultancy services – challenging and guiding our team in how to leverage constantly changing industry trends, particularly in the areas of data, technology and content.”

David Bush, Marketing Director, Sony Professional

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