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ABM Impact Measurement

The proof in the pudding

We’ve run hundreds of ABM campaigns for clients and we believe they’re one of the best strategies in the arsenal of B2B marketing (and the only one that consistently builds relationships and revenue in your key and named accounts). But don’t just take our word for it. Take our data, too.

Investment into ABM needs to prove its value. That’s why, as part of every campaign, we keep measurement top of mind. We’ll work with you to benchmark the status quo of your client relationship before we kick off the campaign. During it, we help you monitor all important metrics and create regular reports. That way, you’ll be able to measure the impact of your marketing, direct budgets to activities that make the biggest splash, and confidently report on all your marketing activities to your stakeholders.

Define what success looks like: create custom
KPIs and track them throughout your campaign

Measure outputs, outcomes, and impacts

Drive advocacy for ABM

Prove return on marketing investment

Sales and marketing KPI reporting dashboard

Most modern marketers claim that they’re “data-driven” – but data alone isn’t always actionable. We believe that, if it’s to lead to smart activities, insight needs to be easy to access – ideally in one central place, and intuitive to understand.

We build dynamic dashboards for our customers that pull all relevant metrics into one place, and present them visually. Your dashboard will be customised to your organisation’s KPIs and will allow you to drill down deep into the impact that your campaign has had on your client relationship. For example, it might display data on:

  • Your top accounts by engagement

  • Qualified opportunities

  • Number and types of interactions across the account

  • Your best-performing content

  • What percentage of key stakeholders moved from ’unknown’ to ‘known’ to ‘engaged’ as a result of your campaign

  • How their sentiment has changed

  • Time-to-close

Of course, there’s a whole lot more that you might like to know – we can work with you to define your most important metrics and make sure you can access them anytime.

Stay on top of campaign performance

Drill deeper into individual accounts and track stakeholder engagement

Take the guesswork out of ‘next steps’ – and take action informed by data

Marketing attribution

Attribution modelling – i.e. understanding which of your activities drove the desired result – is the holy grail of marketing ROI. The reason it’s so hard: because lots of interactions or touch points may have preceded a prospect’s decision to click that banner ad, or that “I’d like to learn more” CTA at the bottom of your ebook. And with ABM campaigns that are designed to expose your prospect to your content across different channels and over a long period of time, it becomes even harder.

That’s why we recommend (and build) models that allows for fractional attribution. They take into account customer behaviors from a host of touchpoints (across owned, earned and paid channels). We run analytics to weight the various touches during the prospect’s marketing journey. In other words: every touchpoint gets a portion of the credit. This allows you to do two things:

  • Better understand what the marketing journey looks like

  • Run “what-if-calculations” to estimate what would happen if you re-allocated marketing spend or removed an element from the mix

Pinpoint the marketing tactics with the best ROI

Smartly allocate marketing spend

Understand your prospects’ ABM journey at a granular level

ROI Measurement

The ability to demonstrate ROI separates modern marketers from their old-school colleagues. And as much as we believe in the power of ABM – we don’t think you should invest in it if it doesn’t make a demonstrable difference to your desired outcomes. Here’s what we think we/you should track:

  • Outputs: The countable things, like number of quality interactions across an account, click-through and email open rates, page stats.

  • Outcomes: How has your activity affected the customer relationship? We look at customers who’ve moved from ‘unknown’ to ‘known’ to ‘engaged’ and monitor awareness, perception, and sentiment. These things are slightly harder to measure, but we’ve got solid scoring models that work.

  • Impacts: How do all of the above translate into outcomes for your organisation? We look at metrics from your sales pipeline (volume; attributed and qualified opportunities), performance data (win rates; share of wallet), sales velocity (time-to-bid and time-to-close) and account retention (e.g. renewal rates) to make sure that the things we do actually matter to your business.

Gain a deep understanding of your marketing and sales performance

Understand the cost of each customer win

Prove the relevance of your team’s activities to the C-level stakeholders

“The ABM program that Agent3 delivered drove a step change by closing the loop between the sales and marketing teams’ view of our large corporate customers and prospects. Underpinned by actionable insights, timely deployment and proven methodologies, we launched an innovative programme engaging senior key decision makers in all our accounts. The results were outstanding and have placed ABM at the heart of our sales and marketing strategy.”

Christina Chan, Head of Marketing, Major Corporate & Public Sector, BT

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