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ABM Impact Measurement

The proof in the pudding

We’ve run hundreds of ABM programs for clients and we believe they’re one of the best strategies in the arsenal of B2B marketing (and the only one that consistently builds relationships and revenue in your key and named accounts). But don’t just take our word for it. Take our data, too.

As part of every campaign, we can deliver industry leading measurement and visualization and reporting. Allowing you to understand impact of your activities and to measure ROI.

End-to-end measurement and attribution – Integrate data, dashboard, measure, attribute and calculate ROI

Sales and marketing KPI reporting dashboard

Our  ITSMA Approved Measurement Framework has been developed in association with the IT Service Marketing Association – based on industry experience, best practice and peer learning.

Delivering consulting, data expertise and dashboarding solution, to match the maturity of your ABM program and your internal capacity and capability. Our solution will deliver the dashboarding you need to measure and pilot your ABM program. Find out more on our Measurement Solution product page.

Measurement Dashboard

Out-of-the-box our advanced solution delivers dashboards tailored to your ABM, Marketing, BDR and Sales Leadership teams.

Marketing attribution

Attribution modelling – i.e. understanding which of your activities drove the desired result – is the holy grail of marketing ROI. The reason it’s so hard: because lots of interactions or touch points may have preceded a prospect’s decision to click that banner ad, or that “I’d like to learn more” CTA at the bottom of your ebook. And with ABM campaigns that are designed to expose your prospect to your content across different channels and over a long period of time, it becomes even harder.

That’s why we recommend (and build) models that allows for fractional attribution. They take into account customer behaviors from a host of touchpoints (across owned, earned and paid channels). We run analytics to weight the various touches during the prospect’s marketing journey. In other words: every touchpoint gets a portion of the credit. This allows you to do two things:

  • Better understand what the marketing journey looks like

  • Run “what-if-calculations” to estimate what would happen if you re-allocated marketing spend or removed an element from the mix

Pinpoint the marketing tactics with the best ROI

Smartly allocate marketing spend

Understand your prospects’ ABM journey at a granular level

ROI Measurement

We design our ABM programs with tangible and meaningful measures to continually increase the impact across sales and marketing. Yes, measuring ABM can be difficult, but if you do it right, it works; 

  • Be focused on business outcomes, not marketing outputs or vanity metrics
  • Focus on one, or a small number of accounts and stakeholders, and not a large audience segment
  • Be revenue focused and recognise the steps and milestones to revenue
  • Across different types of ABM, it can be used to defend key accounts, expand key accounts or acquire key accounts
  • As a long term strategy, not a tactic, it needs to show progress in the short and medium term
  • Take a holistic, if inherently complex, approach including sales, marketing, customer success and other functions

As part of our global partnership with ITSMA, and based on industry experience, best practice and peer learning, we’ve jointly developed an ITSMA approved ABM measurement framework

With in-built flexibility to meet the needs of all forms and maturity of ABM programs, the framework tackles the challenges of ABM measurement head on. It is designed in a way that enables you to identify, track and report on the metrics that matter to your accounts and your business.

Getting it right just got easier.

Gain a deep understanding of your marketing and sales performance

Understand the cost of each customer win

Prove the relevance of your team’s activities to the C-level stakeholders

“The ABM program that Agent3 delivered drove a step change by closing the loop between the sales and marketing teams’ view of our large corporate customers and prospects. Underpinned by actionable insights, timely deployment and proven methodologies, we launched an innovative programme engaging senior key decision makers in all our accounts. The results were outstanding and have placed ABM at the heart of our sales and marketing strategy.”

Christina Chan, Head of Marketing, Major Corporate & Public Sector, BT

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