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[Video] The mission for Fearless Labs and SOsell

Fearless Labs, a new software company and partner of Agent3 is on a mission. A mission to fix the ‘broken link’ between sales and marketing. Soon after the company launched in February 2021, Agent3’s Peter Lundie sat down with CEO of Fearless Labs, Pontus Noren to discuss the challenge for enterprise sales and marketing teams.

In the video they discuss:

  • The mission for Fearless Labs
  • How businesses need to maximise investment in MarTech and SalesTech
  • How Fearless Labs are integrating partners into their business
  • The continued adoption of social selling into ABM
  • The outlook for social selling
  • What to watch out for from Fearless Labs in the future
For more information on SOsell and Fearless Labs, visit their website.
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