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[Video] The future is bright for Agent3 and Next 15

With the new Financial Year starting in February for Agent3 and its majority shareholder, Next Fifteen, Agent3 CEO, Clive Armitage, sat down with Next Fifteen CEO, Tim Dyson, to discuss both business’ prospects for the new FY as well as exploring lessons learned from the last twelve months.  

Focusing on how Covid has impacted client spend and what this will mean for budgets moving forward, Tim and Clive also discussed how data-driven marketing is here to stay. But what does that mean for creative-driven marketing? Where does that leave the creative ‘big idea’ in this data-driven age? Is it the big idea still worth the financial investment? If so, how much?  And how will success be measured?   

While concluding that creativity remains of central importance to any campaign, the Covid situation has nevertheless changed the overall approach of these campaigns and Agent3 is well positioned to offer its clients the best of both worlds with its creative and insight specialist expertise.  

Finally, Tim highlighted what he believes ‘good’ looks like in terms of growth for Next Fifteen and its brands in the year ahead. The post-COVID future is bright!  Watch below to find out more.

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