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[Video] The businesses that will shine post pandemic

Looking across its portfolio of marketing services agencies – Next Fifteen talks about its investment plans post-pandemic.

What will the future of marketing look like post pandemic? What are the areas most interesting to an organisation like Next15? If you’re looking to set up a marketing services business, what should you focus on?

The dedicated followers of this blog page will know that, recently, I sat down with Tim Dyson, the CEO of Agent3’s major investor, to discuss some in-depth research that Next Fifteen commissioned into its global client base.  It was an illuminating conversation discussing the findings of this research which covered topics ranging from how businesses have been impacted by Covid through to where CMOs plan on prioritizing future budgets.

Given Next Fifteen’s portfolio of brand and enviable client list, which includes some of the world’s best known brands in both the B2C and B2B space, the research provided a great temperature check on current business sentiment in the post-Covid world.

And it was with this conversation as a backdrop that I asked Tim about how this research might have influenced his thinking on focus for Next Fifteen’s investment plans over the coming year.  Had the research provided some context to him in his thought process about where to put his investment dollars in the coming years?

Tim gave some great insight into what’s important for both B2C and B2B companies to focus on post-Covid, and the part that innovation plays in that.  Innovation is impatient and happens whether you’re ready or not. Our conversation reveals the type of innovation Tim is looking for from organisations when considering what acquisition he needs to make to ensure he is bringing Next Fifteen’s client base the very latest approaches in customer-driven marketing.

There are lots of useful nuggets of advice from Tim – more than I can cover here – so watch the video below and download the report from the Next15 research.  I hope you find it helps you with your post-Covid planning strategy in these ever changing times.

Get access to the report as discussed by Tim and Clive. Find out the strategies being adopted by marketing executives from Next15’s client portfolio.

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