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[Video & Report] Marketing strategy: post-covid

Next15, Agent3’s parent company, recently surveyed marketing executives across its diverse client portfolio which revealed some happy surprises as a by-product of the expected upheaval in how people work. Despite the dramatic and lasting changes to business models, Covid-19 could be responsible for positively changing the way we all work.

The research focuses on the following areas:

  • Covid-19 is fundamentally changing business models
  • Marketing: the new trends that aren’t new
  • Today’s marketer: the good, the bad and the automated
  • Evidence-based partnerships

Watch Clive Armitage, CEO for Agent3 and Tim Dyson, CEO for Next15 as they discuss the key findings in detail:

Get access to the report as discussed by Tim and Clive. Find out the strategies being adopted by marketing executives from Next15’s client portfolio.

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