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[Video] Insight, Scalability and creative content with ITSMA

What an exciting couple of weeks for marketers! First we had ITSMA’s Marketing Excellence Awards, where marketers all over the world celebrated their victories for some incredible achievements. This week sees the return of ITSMA’s flagship conference – Marketing Vision. This year’s virtual event should be extra special, with so many great speakers and discussions to participate in. If you haven’t registered yet – click here.

Ahead of the conference, our very own Greg Salmon, General Manager for North America spoke with Dave Munn, ITSMA’s CEO and President. They discuss:

  • The key takeaways from the Marketing Excellence Awards
  • The acceleration of Digital Transformation and the new ways to engage executives
  • How ABM has changed the insight landscape for marketers
  • Lessons from the organisations who have scaled their ABM programs
  • Some of the more creative examples being used today to engage executives
  • What to look out for at Marketing Vision 2020
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