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Agent3 turns insight into action with Salesforce

The Covid-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on, and rapidly accelerated, the need for insight and the demand from sales teams for the right intelligence in order to drive thoughtful and impactful conversations with their customers.

In today’s business environment there’s never been a greater need to be ‘customer first’ and with Account-Based Marketing (ABM), the need is even more pronounced.  Indeed, it’s insight that really differentiates ABM from just ‘marketing to accounts’ and, in truth, can make or break the success of ABM in even the most mature of programs.

If you can successfully crack the insight code and the opportunity ABM presents is huge. But navigating an ever-expanding universe of data, insight and research provides a challenge to even the most seasoned of ABM marketers. 

For that reason, last week, at B2B Marketing’s Ignite USA event, Agent3 Associate Director, Hollie Brown, sat down with Lisa Perry, Global Director, Account-Based Marketing, Salesforce to discuss the challenge and, in particular, share a three-step approach to help turn insight into action:

  • Alignment and Purpose: the role of insight in powering sales and marketing alignment around key accounts
  • Focus and Strategy: the positive impact that the pandemic has had on customer and executive sentiment towards vendors and how to bake in processes to avoid drowning in data deluge and wasting your budget
  • Intelligence and Action: developing account centric intelligence from your data sources – such as Intent, AI, Social, News – and where to focus to make it actionable and measurable at all levels.

If you missed their session, we highly recommend watching the video below – we hope it will answer some of your questions.

If not, we have three other options to help:

  1. If you need help determining whether you have the right insight for ABM success, we’d be happy to offer an insight audit free of charge.  Just reach out to us here. 
  2.  Why not join us on our webinar: ‘How to build an award-winning, insight-first ABM program’ on  June 29th?  This will provide you with another opportunity to ask any questions you may still have.  You can register for the webinar here
  3. Finally, download our free guide: ‘Making Insight Intelligent for ABM,’ which includes the latest ITSMA research and views from leading ABM marketers, here.

Good luck!

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