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ABM Outlook

As the midpoint of 2023 approaches, Agent3, alongside other ABM agencies, is reflecting on the past 12 months and looking ahead with optimism. Reports suggest that ABM will continue to accelerate and become an even more dynamic and exciting strategic tool for marketers. In this context, Agent3 APAC has convened some of the best ABM-centric minds to discuss ABM in the remainder of 2023.

The discussion between, Clive Armitage, CEO; Roger Marshall Partner, APAC; has been recorded for your benefit. They provide invaluable insight into the intricate world of AMB and discuss its effectiveness, strengths and what improvements are required moving forward. Read the key points below and watch the videos to gain further insight.

  • Successful ABM is founded on the teams who engage with it; connecting with your Sales teams is critical so you can develop a trusted partnership that enables them to understand and optimise your ABM effort as well as recognise that ABM is a long play
  • In order for ABM to prosper and to be utilised effectively, it is imperative that the Sales team using ABM is listened to and understood. In addition, it is vital that balance is kept between the 3R’s (Reputation, Relationship, and Revenue), measurement is taken into account and thoroughly reviewed, and finally, ensuring that the full marketing plan (beyond just ABM) is considered. 
  • In 2022 ABM programs demonstrated significant success in impacting accounts when their content, conversation, and activities were tailored specifically to individual accounts. This highly targeted approach resulted in increased relevance and engagement for customers in their respective environments. the remainder of 2023 will be no different!
  • ABM centres around developing the Sales and Marketing journey as one overall journey for the account. This journey is fluid and must have the ability to shift and change as required. 
  • As 2023 progresses, it is imperative for ABM to really know the target customer and prioritise the needs and preferences of key accounts. This includes obtaining deeper insights and comprehension of accounts to develop tailored, innovative solutions.
  • ABMers need to treat the internal Sales teams as their clients – without the Sales team on your side, the programs will stagnate and the results will be limited. 
  • ABM content needs to be data-informed, and insight-led to ensure the messaging is resonating with the intended audience. 
  • Approaching ABM through a  measurement, data and values led approach produces successful programs and significant ROI for customers.
  • More than ever, ABM needs to be agile, plans must be fluid and all activities must be able to pivot at pace to work effectively. 

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