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6 key takeaways from an award winning marketing automation project

Here is a fairy tale, beginning at the end: in March this year, Agent3 was lucky enough to be a winner at the B2B Marketing Martech awards in the Martech transformation/acceleration project of the year for its work with one of its clients, Forcepoint.

Naturally, we were delighted with this recognition: two years of hard work which resulted in immediate gains for Forcepoint in operational efficiency across the MOPS team, a significant platform cost reduction due to the database health efforts, improved sender reputation thanks to increased email deliverability and open rates, a significantly improved channel performance and visibility within analytics and reporting for the first time. 

But Forcepoint’s fairy tale is not unique.  When the firm came to Agent3 for support in the beginning,  the challenges it faced were common to many technology brands we speak to.  The ending, however, is dependent upon the journey you take: learning to crawl before you can walk, taking small steps, and asking the right questions of the right people – including sales, CRM and IT folk – along the way to ensure there is a complete picture of what the organization would like to – or needs to – get out of its marketing automation platform. 

Agent3 helps lots of companies through this process with marketing audits and training sessions but, if you can’t wait that long, Phil Marshall and Terry Stapleton of Agent3’s marketing automation team have pulled together six key takeaways from the Forcepoint program which may provide some food for thought about your instance.

If, having listened to the steps they took for Forcepoint, you’d like to have a no-strings chat, feel free to reach out at

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