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We believe in true ABM

This is our ABM

We have developed and honed an Account Based Marketing (ABM) methodology through experience of leading hundreds of programs.

We know true ABM.

We believe true ABM is founded on aligned marketing and sales teams driving insight-powered custom-built campaigns to develop reputation, build relationships and deliver revenue.

Our expertise, specialism
& success is in two of the
classic ABM areas of focus:

1:1—the purest form of true ABM.
We apply all our focus, budget and resource to a single ‘must win’ or ‘must protect’ account. We use our methodology and expertise to develop strategies with high levels of personalisation based on discovered knowledge and data-driven insight.

1:Few—Cluster ABM focuses on up to 15 key accounts that share characteristics, show interest and propensity for a similar proposition or are in the same sector. We apply our well developed methodology to these programs which demands in depth industry (or sector) data-driven insight and light-touch personalisation for specific tactics.

In our view, 1:Many is not true ABM, but marketing to accounts. The strategy and execution requires much less intense data-driven insight and is free of any personalisation. Our successes have been in delivering an ROI in 1:1 and 1:few approaches.

We are leading
practitioners of true ABM

Data-driven and expert-led insight is at the heart of our true ABM. Covering all aspects of ABM, from deep-discovery and understanding of customer behaviours, personality, work environment, and company cultures, to identifying key decision makers and buying centres.

We have proven methodologies, experience and skills that allow us to combine data, technology and content across the entire customer journey.

True ABM builds real conversations, reputation and engagement with customers that leads to pipeline and revenue.

We use the full sales and marketing mix, online and offline, to drive engagement with the most relevant tactics to reach the right decision makers at the right time.

True ABM is strategic. It’s not a tool or a tactic, but a strategy that aligns sales and marketing behind a common goal of driving revenue that is quicker to close in your key and named accounts.

Our approach aligns with the individual account engagement strategies of individual account teams, as opposed to being “a line of best fit” across large volumes of accounts.

90% retention rate of our clients is all we need to say

Our expertise and proven methodology of true ABM has been established through trusted partnerships with our customers. We know enterprise, complex sales, long lead cycles and recognise the multiple nuances.

Each program, each approach and each strategy is unique for each of our customers. Our true ABM methodology utilizes six elements to determine how we engage with our customers and their targets.

Our workflow framework makes true ABM repeatable and scalable.

Through data and insight we know when, why and how customers are ready to engage.

Our data-led approach allows us to build strategies and campaigns based on insight, not instinct.

True ABM generates engagement. We measure relationships and revenue to see exactly how effective a strategy is, and how it can be improved.

“We have been working with Agent3 particularly in relation to them providing actionable insights relating to key personas, organisations and industry markets. We have a fantastic relationship, where they understand our business, bringing new innovations to our partnership and driving continuous insight across our sales and marketing function. I highly recommend working with them if you are looking for deeper insight, further nurturing of client relationships and/or ABM”

Catherine Dutton, VP Marketing, Atos

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