Running through the DNA of Agent3 is a restless desire to explore and innovate marketing strategies and techniques.  Indeed, we called ourselves Agent3 because we felt the three agents of change in modern marketing; data, technology and content, were the things that could be used innovatively to deliver better marketing outcomes (particularly with key and named accounts) than had traditionally been possible.  It’s for this reason that we have decided to sponsor The Future CMO supplement in today’s edition of The Times (of London).  As a gift to our followers, you can access a free copy of The Future CMO by going here – .

We made the decision to invest in sponsoring The Future CMO supplement because we believe its content aligns very much to how we see the world.  Inside the supplement you will find pieces that explore: customer mindsets in a post lockdown world; how to shift to a digital-first approach to marketing and, how to ensure brand purpose endures.  I particularly agreed with what Gemma Greaves, the outgoing chief executive of The Marketing Society had to say in her Op Ed in the supplement:

‘There’s always been a question in our industry about the relevance of marketing in the C-suite so it’s time to think less like a marketer and more like an owner.  Now is the time to encourage brand loyalty so we need to innovate at pace and listen to our customers.’  

Gemma’s view very much chimes with what I have been hearing from other senior marketing leaders in my recent discussions with them.  On a recent CMO roundtable call, one of the participants suggested we are entering a Golden age for marketing with an opportunity to reset expectations and drive real value for the brands we support, through ever more innovative, efficient and effective marketing.  And by doing so, we’ll deliver true impact and get the recognition our work deserves.  I could not agree more.  By using the right mix of data, technology and content, we have the opportunity to deliver marketing’s holy grail; engagement at the right time, in the right form and with the right message.  What could be more exciting than that?

We can’t think about the future though without appreciating that we are operating currently in the most challenging of times, professionally and personally, because of the Covid-19 outbreak.  We’ve been working with many of our customers to help them understand the impact of the virus on the broader market landscape in terms of messaging and positioning, by doing qualitative and quantitative research into various brand strategies.  We’ve been sharing these findings through a series of webinars for our senior customers but have now decided to open up the research to anyone who may find it beneficial, as they seek to determine the right strategy in our ‘new normal’.  If you’d like to access our Covid-19 brand research please therefore go here for further information.