As some parts of the world excel at account-based marketing while others are still evolving, the focus on ABM trends and best practices remains constant.  It can even get competitive as one market tries to out-perform another. During a recent small series of events hosted by the Agent3 APAC team here in Sydney, and accompanied by Bev Burgess – widely regarded as the founder of ABM and now Managing Principal at the Inflexion Group – I asked the question: Can APAC be a global leader in ABM?

We engaged a number of senior ABMers from a mix of ‘leading’ and ‘learning’ organizations, each with ABM front-and-centre in their marketing mix, but at different points in the maturity of their ABM implementation. Bev and I discussed some of their observations and learnings in this short video – here are some of the of the key takeaways:

So, based on all our discussions together, we feel we can say with confidence that yes, APAC can be – and in some cases already is – a global leader in ABM!

Watch the video here