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Happy employees = happy customers = higher growth rates

Clive Armitage

June 08, 2023

In enterprise technology circles, Tiffani Bova needs no introduction.  Global Growth Evangelist for Salesforce, WSJ bestselling author, Host of the ‘What’s Next!’ podcast, Executive Strategist, a decade at Gartner, and 750 keynote presentations under her belt…is there any stone left unturned in her illustrious career?  Turns out there is.  This week will see the release of Tiffani’s second book, ‘The Experience Mindset: Changing the Way You Think About Growth’ in which she poses the question ‘have we over pivoted to the customer at the expense of our employees?’

In the latest of our ‘Agents of Change’ series, in which we talk to business leaders about how to drive sustainable success in a changed world, we were thrilled to be joined by Tiffani to ask her about some of the research behind the conclusions drawn and case studies studies outlined in her book. Following two Salesforce studies of thousands of employees and c-suite executives around the globe, hundreds of executive conversations as well as other industry research, Tiffani’s book explains how an increased focus on employee experience can magnify growth many times over, with some companies in the studies increasing revenue and profits by more than 50 percent.


In the war for customer acquisition, businesses invest millions of dollars to improve customer experience. They deliver packages faster, churn out new products, and endlessly revamp their UI, often putting greater strain on employees for diminishing returns. According to Bova, this siloed focus on customer experience – without considering the impact on your staff – actually hinders growth in the long run. The most successful companies, she argues, adopt an ‘Experience Mindset’ that strengthens both employee and customer experience at the same time.

In short, happy employees = happy customers = higher growth rates! 

At a time where companies are in constant competition for talent, the book makes an important and timely point about the negative impact of neglecting the employee experience when it comes to retaining, recruiting and inspiring people.  

It was a fascinating conversation, and if you want to learn more, you can watch the video in full here, or order your copy of the book here.  Thank you, Tiffany, for an inspiring conversation!

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