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ITSMA Approved ABM Measurement Framework & Blueprint Assessment

Measurement is one of the most challenging parts of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Proving the ROI of an ABM initiative can be the difference between continuation or cancellation. Yet many organizations are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start; as a result, they’re failing to demonstrate the value and impact of ABM, despite potentially doing great work.

The ITSMA approved ABM measurement framework is a collaborative approach developed out of the partnership between Agent3 and the ITSMA. The aim is to provide an approach based on industry experience, best practice and peer learning to support organizations in simply and effectively measuring ABM.

Step one towards overcoming this challenge and more effectively measuring ABM in your organization is to book a discussion with one of our consultants who will take you through the approach and tailor a recommendation to your exact needs.

How have we made measuring ABM so easy?

The ITSMA’s three Rs – Reputation, Relationship and Revenue provide the perfect framework to accurately report on the impact and uncover insights from an ABM programme, campaign, cluster or account. This helps to demonstrate the value of ABM to any function within the organization in a simple and manageable way.

Our simple, secure and scalable approach ensures we can support any use case, whether that be collaborating with your in-house business systems, data or marketing operations team or working directly with you to deliver a bespoke Agent3 ABM dashboard implementation.

If you’re tired of struggling to measure ABM let’s discuss a bespoke approach that will solve this once and for all so you can get back to doing what you enjoy.

ABM Measurement doesn’t need to be hard

Let’s discuss how we can make it easier

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