Stakeholder ID


Be precise
about who
you’re targeting.

Our approach to insight driven ABM demands detail. To laser-focus our programs we need deep knowledge of our targets: full names of individuals within a group of stakeholders, job titles, social profiles, personality, preferences, working styles, relationship dynamics within the business and context of their working environment.

We have developed a process that delivers incredible detail to empower actionable insight and potential engagement opportunities.

All our data is triple validated. We use private and public sources to give you confidence that you’re engaging the right people, in the right place at the right time.

Target your prospects from
a position of knowledge

Identify the people who matter

Understand buyer groups in one location or across many, as well as hierarchies and the dynamics within them

Personality Profiling

Discover the social media preferences, behavioural tendencies, motivation, and communications styles of individual stakeholders

Actionable data

Use your insight immediately based on our expert engagement recommendations

Stakeholder cross-referencing

Compare individual with each other for valuable insight into stakeholders compatibility

Right time. Right place. Right people.

Land validated contacts for stakeholders now. Download the explainer to find out more.

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