Intent 360


Add rocket fuel to your strategy. Combine first and third party intent.

Intent 360 is rocket fuel to super-charge your engagement with a target account. A combustible combination of first and third-party Intent insight.

Give your team clear recommendations for action on highly effective targeting. Be empowered by granular insight into your target account’s behaviour across the internet, including your own website.

Our expert team have built a knowledge-bank of hundreds of true ABM programs and buying journeys. Utilising this experience, we can use this ‘blended’ Intent insight to inform and identify trends, patterns and potential next steps for your targets.

Discover prospect behaviour
to trigger engagement

Track intent
journeys that matter

Identify the most promising journeys and prioritise them

Short-and long-
term insight

Track interest over time to identify key moments for engagement

Recommended next steps

Take effective action that propels your prospects along their buying journey

Harness the power of Intent 360 data.

Intent data is a powerful tool in ABM when used correctly. Download the Intent explainer to find out how.

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