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B2B Intent


What other websites are your target accounts researching?

What other websites are your targets looking at? What content are they consuming? This is third-party insight.

Our search tool utilises our proprietary taxonomy of B2B topics to identify who is looking where, at what and when.

Using our expertise and knowledge, we can help you discover and understand your prospects journeys across the web. We can assess which themes and topics are being researched on other websites including your competitor’s.

You can have zero exposure to the targets on your list and get meaningful and actionable insight on your accounts.

This insight can point to potential new targets or contribute to competitor analysis.

Understand what your target accounts are researching on the B2B web

Made for true ABM

Benefit from our granular B2B taxonomy of the tech, innovation, finance, and solutions markets

Beat the competition

Communication that’s fine-tuned to the market’s hottest topics

Attract your best prospects

Target them with personalised messages

Harness the power of intent data.

Intent data is a powerful tool in ABM when used correctly. Download the Intent explainer to find out how.

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