Account ID


Discover who
wants what
you have.

Kicking off an ABM initiative nearly always starts with an account list. But how do you build one, and how can you be sure that you haven’t missed some juicy targets on yours?

Our account identification service helps you develop laser-sharp selection criteria, and scour the wider market for accounts that fit the bill.

Our tool can give new ABM programs a head-start and can bring added value to programs that you have already started: from refining to expanding your target list.

Build the definitive list
of best targets

Data-driven approach

Accounts are sourced from dedicated (and some exclusive) sources of B2B data

Consultative process

Benefit from our experience building account lists for hundreds of clients and work with our ABM experts

Validated output

We follow a tested methodology to refine the first longlist and make sure we only deliver best-fit accounts

Create a target list that fits the bill.

Start meaningful engagements with your targets Download the explainer to find out more.

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