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In a recent State of Marketing Automation report, 80% of respondents said they felt they were not utilising their marketing automation tools to their fullest potential.

And the no.1 reason for this response?  Lack of training, resources or knowledge base.  Indeed, the top answer (65%) to the question of how respondents mostly use marketing automation was, predictably, email marketing.

But there is *so* much more to marketing automation than email!

Agent3 exists to help its clients get great marketing results, and it’s for this reason that, where marketing automation technology is concerned, we’re big supporters of enabling our clients to think “beyond email” and execute a truly holistic marketing approach. 

Marketo is one such marketing automation platform which, when used correctly, helps marketers get the most out of their not-insignificant investment and get ahead of the curve in marketing automation.

With this in mind, and back due to popular demand, we will be running a 3 hour Marketo Bootcamp session taking place at the Agent3 offices in London.  The session will help build your current knowledge of Marketo, enable you to quiz the experts with real life challenges and learn practical tips you can take away and implement immediately.

Could you benefit from joining our bootcamps?

A 3 hour, in-person bootcamp session is typically aimed at users who know the fundamentals of Marketo, but who want to learn further essential skills to push their abilities to the next level. In particular the session is aimed at:

So if you want to join the 20% of respondents who feel they are currently using their marketing automation tools to their fullest potential, click here to sign up!  Lunch will be provided. 

Places are limited to ensure that each bootcamp is personalised to the group, so don’t delay.