Insight drives better understanding of accounts.  It helps you identify and understand executives and their commercial drivers.  And most crucially, it provides you with the intelligence to understand how to create a differentiated proposition that will land effectively with your target audience.  

Creating the right Insight, though, is a knack.  And the sheer volume of information and data available can be overwhelming for marketers.  

So how do you navigate your path to the right insight for example, given the wealth of data sets at your disposal?  

In our webinar on which was first broadcast on June 29th, we were joined by Louise Jefferson, Senior Associate at ITSMA and Gemma Davies, Senior Director, Global ABM and CXO Engagement at ServiceNow to discuss how to make Insight a strategic tool in your ABM armoury. During the webinar, we covered off off the following topics:

So, if you want to better understand how to use Insight as the catalyst to a truly effective ABM program, make sure you watch the webinar replay instantly