Marketing Automation Features

“Myself and my team have access to, and want to use our marketing automation platform but don’t know how to leverage it properly.”

Knowing how to use and get the most out of a marketing automation platform can be hard and without knowledge around best practices and the functionality that the MA platform offers, things can start to go awry relatively quickly. At Agent3, we’re passionate about development and empowering our clients to learn the tools that they have to play with and that’s why we’ve developed a series of training courses tailored to the user’s level of requirement for the tool in question, whether it’s day-in day-out campaign execution, administration or just for reporting. We’ve developed a series of training courses that enable users to become experts in their platform of choice and also ready them to take the relevant certification exams. In addition, we also offer more personalised training if there’s specific areas that the client would like to explore in more detail.

Not looking to become an expert, but want to know more about MA? If so, then our Bootcamp sessions might be just what you need as they provide a high level view of Marketo or Pardot, providing quick wins and actionable insights.