Junior Project Executive

Junior Project Executive


Consulting team (UK)

London Bridge, London or York, Yorkshire

Full time contract

About the role

Off the back of continued strong growth we’re looking to appoint a Junior Project Executive. We’re looking for a candidate with a natural interest in digital marketing and the way that new technologies can be used to target and engage companies and people in interesting and innovative ways. The successful candidate will be inquisitively-minded and a self-motivated problem-solver, with a keen eye for detail and trends information, and an easy-going manner working alongside colleagues and our clients. 

As part of this role we will provide training, hands-on experience and guidance around a whole host of different digital marketing tools and techniques. 

Key areas of focus:

  • Client delivery: handles client communications in a positive, professional fashion, setting expectations appropriately and striving to exceed these; builds a reputation within client teams for enthusiasm, understanding and trustworthiness
  • Client knowledge: takes responsibility for growing a working understanding of customer organisations for which projects are being carried out, including but not limited to: the products/solutions which they’re selling, the audience groups they’re targeting, and the underlying drivers of the organisation
  • Timeliness and reliability: delivers all tasks on-time, or else proactively prioritises conflicting requests in order to ensure timelines are reset with sufficient notice; takes accountability for ensuring work is high-quality and client-ready
  • Team input and communication: has the confidence to provide input without prompting; offers support to colleagues wherever able; voices any concerns over issues with tasks or workload in a positive, transparent manner
  • Organisation and team support: is able to pick up a broad range of day-to-day tasks in support of the overall team, applying initiative and practicality to ensure requirements are met quickly without sacrificing accuracy or attention to detail
  • Professional development: proactively takes responsibility for developing skills and specialisms required to execute their role either through self-learning or requesting formal training, for example Marketo, Google Analytics, Copywriting, HTML, etc. 
  • Accurate reporting and administration: is able to deliver weekly reports through our proprietary Intent Priority Reporting product that are accurate, timely and presentable. Has the right attitude to be capable of building and reporting on digital ad campaigns based on parameters defined by our consultants and client needs
  • Thorough approach to research: As a key member of the delivery team for our account profiling solutions, you’ll be able to generate data, information and research that is accurate, relevant and provides a valuable foundation for the wider analysis to be carried out by the specialist profiling team
  • Good general knowledge of social channels: be able to adapt copywriting style to be appropriate to the channel and ensure maximum engagements for campaign materials


Competitive salary, bonus and associated benefits package available

Working at Agent3

We are Agent3: leaders of true ABM through data, technology and content. We bring together and optimise crafted science. We blend our expert technology with the power and potency of people.

The alchemy of the science of ABM and the craft of marketing is as important to us as the powerful mix of people and range of experience our employees share.

We believe in our people. They are experts, developing talent and entrepreneurs. They are our heart and soul, and we respect and trust them. We believe in collective responsibility so we win and lose together. Anyone can offer an idea. Anyone can suggest a change. Anyone can make a difference. Everyone is Agent3.

We want our people to be themselves. We want their brilliance to shine with authenticity, honesty and independence. We are a diverse team – upbringing, lifestyle, culture, opinions, previous roles or skills – who can pull together to be one super-effective, problem solving, global unit.

Together we do amazing things and achieve unbelievable results. Together we work hard for each other. We praise and recognise great effort. We operate flexibly and understand the demands of work and real-life; from working from home to the time when you begin or need to leave. We trust our people.

We are also keen to see them develop, continue to learn and get better at what they do. We want them to maximise their experiences as well as tell us where they want to go with their careers. We believe that if our people know they’re progressing and growing their career they’ll invest as much in Agent3 as we do in them. From internal coaching and career progression opportunities to a personal development fund and twice-yearly reviews, we drive a positive approach to being the best they can be.

Our offices around the world – from London and Sydney to New York and San Francisco – are bubbling hubs of creativity, development and team work. Work will never be home, but our people need to feel ‘at home’ where-ever they are. So whether it’s shared music or simply toast for breakfast… we come together to make the magic happen in fun, easy and inspiring spaces.

Our teams are positive, respectful and open to new ideas and new ways of working.

We are Agent3. You could be too.

About Agent3

Agent3 was founded in 2013 with a simple premise; to be truly effective in a digital world, marketers needed to understand how to use data to inform their campaigns, how to use technology to engage the audiences they wanted to reach and then how to create content that would drive interest. In short, we believe that Data, Technology and Content are the three agents of change when delivering effective marketing today. Hence, Agent3!

Today, we have a series of specialist teams that sit in Europe and North America that are trusted by our clients to deliver end-to-end ABM programs to their most strategically important customers and prospects.

Our customer-facing teams are based in London, New York, San Francisco and Sydney and include a blend of specialist functions spanning insights, strategy, planning, creative production and campaign execution. We also have dedicated data, engineering and innovation teams based out of London, Woodbridge (UK) and Sofia, focused on identifying and productizing new ways of identifying and engaging target organizations and individuals within the sphere of ABM programs. These teams are working hard to deliver for customers including Tata Communications, BT, Sony, SAP, Juniper, Salesforce, Atos and Veritas.

At the heart of our proposition is the Agent3 Platform, an application that combines large volumes of public data to deliver the customer insight that marketing and sales teams need in order to thrive. The Agent3 Platform arms our clients with a deeper understanding of their customers and their sector, so they can speak to them about the things they want to hear. 

Our Consulting team helps customers plan and execute ABM programmes. Typically we provide support around the following areas: 

  • Account Profiling (e.g. Account identification and prioritisation; Stakeholder mapping; Propensity-to- buy modelling; Social listening; etc.)
  • ABM Strategy (e.g. Sales & Marketing alignment workshops; Account Value Proposition messaging; etc.)
  • ABM Engagement Planning (e.g. Campaign structure; Content strategy; Engagement channels consultancy; etc.)
  • Campaign Execution (e.g. Personalised digital assets; Sales enablement content; Social and IP-based advertising; Marketing automation; etc.)
  • Impact Measurement (e.g. ROI measurement; Marketing attribution; etc.)

We also partner with a host of companies that help us add value to our customers – from platform and service providers that help us make our customers’ lives easier, through to data companies that give us the insight to fuel great campaigns.  

We’re building a world class team at Agent3 that is passionate about doing great work for world class brands. To help us grow we need more amazing people and we’re committed to building a workforce that reflects the diverse society we operate within. So, regardless of your education, background or belief, if you have the skills, ability and experience to perform the job advertised, we want to hear from you.

We’re an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status.


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