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Insight Qualified Leads

The power of our exclusive intent data combined with actionable insight

An Insight Qualified Lead (IQL) is a potential customer who we know has shown an interest in your company, product or sector.

We collate three main areas of data to create an IQL:

Publicly available data

including social media profiles, company news reports, downloads and online consumption

Privately held data

including information from Company’s House, contact data and investment filings

Intent data

purchased from premium sources, which shows whether an individual or organization has developed an interest in a specific area or topic

By bringing these three data sources together into the Agent3 Platform, we are able to quantify the level of a potential customer’s interest in your product or service, and this is what we call an Insight Qualified Lead (IQL).

The insight from the Agent3 Platform means you can tailor your sales and marketing strategies accordingly, have more meaningful conversations with customers and fill your pipeline with more convertible leads.

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