IP Targeting in lockdown


Pre-lockdown, working from home was mainly reserved for days when the boiler broke or you needed to let the engineer in to do a reading of your meter.

Today things have changed (you could say this is the greatest understatement). Your home has become your office. Long commutes and bad weather have become worries of the past, a past that although only a few months ago, now feels completely alien. Replaced by the need to rearrange your kitchen or, for those fortunate enough, spare room to accommodate a desk and chair. That precious extra time we’ve gained back from travel has been absorbed by lengthy morning coffee rituals or indulgent dinner recipes, in some cases replying to ‘just one more’ email.

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Why Brand Purpose needs to be top of mind for ‘The Future CMO’


For any senior marketer looking to understand future trends, the recently published Future CMO supplement from The Times is compelling reading.  Exploring themes like brand purpose, the value of innovation and the importance of driving emotional connections, the contributors to the supplement gave the reader strong guidance on how to handle such big, meaty marketing challenges in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.  And I think that’s where I see the value in these types of supplements; understanding the viewpoints of others, reading about different approaches to common challenges but most importantly, getting a sense of perspective on how to tackle marketing strategy when the world seems to have tipped upside down.  

Gaining perspective is essential […]

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Investing in the future – The Future CMO


Running through the DNA of Agent3 is a restless desire to explore and innovate marketing strategies and techniques.  Indeed, we called ourselves Agent3 because we felt the three agents of change in modern marketing; data, technology and content, were the things that could be used innovatively to deliver better marketing outcomes (particularly with key and named accounts) than had traditionally been possible.  It’s for this reason that we have decided to sponsor The Future CMO supplement in today’s edition of The Times (of London).  As a gift to our followers, you can access a free copy of The Future CMO by going here – https://www.raconteur.net/future-cmo-2020 .

We made the decision to invest in sponsoring The Future CMO supplement because we believe its content aligns […]

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What does the ‘new normal’ for B2B Marketing look like? And is it here to stay?


As we try to navigate Agent3’s direction through the immediate term and then to ensure we are well positioned for the medium to long term, it’s been essential to understand how our customers are coping with the current Covid-19 crisis.  So, as you’d expect, I’ve spent a great deal of my time during the last two months talking to customers to gauge how they are doing, both professionally and on a personal level.  Post the initial confusion that surrounded the outbreak of Covid-19 where everyone seemed to scrabble to make sense of a truly chaotic environment, some patterns are now starting to emerge as we settle into our ‘new normal’.  And the message I am hearing is that this ‘new normal’ is likely to be the […]

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ABM in the time of Covid-19


It’s been 7 weeks since we went into lockdown and we’ve been working closely with our clients to pivot and adjust their ABM strategies to best support them and their customers. But what role does ABM play in the wider marketing mix in these unprecedented times and what action should you take if you’re an ABM-er? I recently chatted to Bev Burgess, SVP and Global ABM Practice lead, ITSMA and Greg Salmon, General Manager, North America, Agent3 to get their perspectives.

 In the current climate, due to the uncertainty, many marketing budgets have been cut.  Where would you advise B2B organisations to prioritise their marketing spend and where do you […]

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Going Beyond Email


Let’s imagine you have won the lottery and decide to buy yourself a Ferrari. And then you use that beautiful, new, expensive Ferrari to go to the supermarket and back for your weekly shop. Again. And again. And again. Wouldn’t that feel like a little bit of a waste of your investment? Wouldn’t it feel like you just weren’t getting the best out of a phenomenal piece of engineering? 

All too often, this is exactly what we see with companies that invest in marketing automation platforms. They buy the solution and then proceed to use the platform for the day to day activity of email send. Maybe they are able to send out more emails. Maybe […]

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Slowing down to speed up


I’ve been lucky enough to conduct a number of conference keynote presentations during my career but achieved a first yesterday when I conducted the closing keynote presentation for B2BMarketing Get Stacked #b2bgetstacked event from my home office!  Originally scheduled as a physical event in late March, the team at @b2bmarketing did an incredible job in transforming #b2bgetstacked into a highly effective virtual event (they even managed a virtual networking drinks session!).  Presenting from home was certainly somewhat of a challenge (self managed lighting and sound control for example!) but once into my stride, I really enjoyed the experience.  Would I prefer to stand up in front of a large audience and benefit from the audience engagement that face-to-face conferences deliver?  Absolutely yes.  […]

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In sickness and in health – how doing the right thing has never been more important


During the current Covid-19 crisis, I’ve heard many people, wisely, say that the way companies and individuals behave during these challenging times will define how they are subsequently viewed once we get back to some semblance of normality.  In tougher times, the focus gets even greater on ‘doing the right thing’, given the difference between getting it right and getting it wrong could make the difference as to whether a business survives or not. In reality though, the right behaviours in business have always been important if you want to drive the right outcomes, particularly so if you want to be well positioned to drive the greatest value from a client and agency relationship.

Recently, but very definitely pre Covid-19, […]

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Keeping the conversation going with key accounts in the new reality of Covid-19 – four practical ways you can do so today


If the enterprise technology sales environment was becoming ever more challenging (increasingly complex, fragmented buying centres, a shift to LoB purchasing, new competitors springing up etc etc), the emergence of Covid-19 has just made the average sales person’s task even harder.  With face to face engagement temporarily halted and the ability to reach people even on the phone severely hindered, the means to engage customers and prospects have been significantly diminished.  

The ‘new reality’ therefore calls for a new approach to engagement, while we wait for the world to start to get back to some form of normality again.  Here are our four suggested practical ways that sales executives can ensure they have a ‘reason to engage’ with their key […]

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Being human; how the Covid-19 crisis may have changed business for the better


I’ve written two blogs so far about the way that Agent3 is handling the current Covid-19 crisis. The first, four weeks ago now, focused on how we were going to put our people first and move to an immediate work from home policy.  The second, two weeks ago, looked at how we were adapting as a team to the ‘New Normal’ (surprisingly well, like many others I suspect!).  And now, while we are still very much in the grip of the pandemic, my thoughts are turning more to what life will look like when we emerge from the current crisis. 

There’s already been lots of conjecture about how work styles will change, the way that marketing as a function […]

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