Why you should never underestimate the power of influencers

When reading a recent article by Google about the changing face of B2B marketing, there were a couple of stats that really stood out to me, about the increasing impact millenials are having in the workplace, and in turn, the importance of marketing beyond the C-suite to reach the ‘influencers’ in businesses.

So many of the marketers we work with so often focus on targeting purely the C-suite, which means they may well be overlooking an increasingly important sector of the workforce that has the power to not only influence, but also make decisions when it comes to B2B purchases.

Millenials so often get a bad name, and being a millenial myself, […]

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Agent3 & ITSMA make measuring ABM easier


Anyone who has ever been involved in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) will tell you that measurement is one of the most challenging aspects to get right.

‘ABM isn’t like other types of B2B marketing. It involves marketers working side by side with the account team and sales colleagues towards the same goals. And although marketers don’t close deals, they certainly help to tee them up, so it can be hard to pull out their individual contribution from what is essentially a team effort. The best ABM-ers identify their impact on the levers that drive long term growth in accounts: building stronger reputations, broadening and deepening relationships with buyers and influencers, and supporting opportunities to increase revenue.’

Bev Burgess
SVP ITSMA Europe & ABM Practice Leader

No two organizations measure ABM in […]

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Account Selection: take your finger out of the air, and take an insight led approach


Reading a recent interview with Fujitsu Director & Head of Account Based Marketing, Anamika Gupta, has got me thinking about how the marketers we work with typically approach account selection for ABM programs. 

Anamika responded to a question about ABM account selection at Fujitsu with her tried and tested recipe for success: “Data + Analytics + Experience + Intuition + Fujitsu strategy for growth = Insight”.

Often our clients come to us with accounts chosen, clusters formed and ready to kick off their new ABM venture, but hold up. How were these accounts chosen? Why were they chosen? And how do we know that they are […]

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Agent3: Helping pupils bridge the gap between classroom and workplace

Agent3 is strongly committed to supporting the local community and takes great pride in its ongoing partnership with a nearby secondary school, with staff taking the time to provide practical guidance to pupils eager to understand what the world of work is all about. In this special guest blog, Simon Elliott – Executive Head Teacher of Forest Gate Community School – gives his views on the importance of this relationship.


As Headteacher of Forest Gate Community School, I am always looking for ways to develop young people. Whilst our school has been in the top 50 schools in the United Kingdom for the last three years running, I recognise that there is always room for improvement. […]

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ITSMA and Agent3: staying ahead of the ABM game


At Agent3, we challenge ourselves and each other, not just because it’s one of our company’s core values but because, frankly, we can’t help it. We’re curious people who know that our best work happens when we ask questions, push ourselves out of our depth, and learn new things.

I wouldn’t typically use these sorts of sweeping “we” statements; who am I to speak for everyone? Especially when this place is bursting at the seams with personalities, not a single one the same as another. I head up HR for the team. To me, this means understanding our people and how best to support them.

From where I’m sitting, I see my colleagues pushing each other’s ideas that […]

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Agent3 enters APAC


Today marks another significant milestone in the development of Agent3. Having long supported customers on a global basis, we’re now ‘officially’ open for business in APAC with our first office in Sydney. Headed by Roger Marshall and his 25+ years in digital marketing, B2B communications and stakeholder engagement, we’re creating an APAC presence in direct response to demand from customers we’re already servicing in the region. Some of the region’s leading brands currently enjoy the services of our global teams and will now have senior strategic ABM advice on tap in APAC.

By opening operations in Sydney and starting the process of creating a broader […]

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My Experience with Agent3


Summer holidays for students are meant to be about sun, festivals and resting the brain. I didn’t do that. I went to work. With the help of Agent3 I sowed the seeds of my ambitions for the future and started to reap the rewards of the harvest.

You have a choice when you’re on a placement. You can toe-the-line and watch on from the sides, or you can roll up your sleeves and learn by doing. I wanted to use my final summer as a student gaining valuable industry knowledge before heading out into the working world.  Agent3 gave me this opportunity and I have been further educated on end-to-end Account Based Marketing.

So they gave me a packet of seeds. Not literally. They […]

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Programmatic Advertising: Here’s everything you need to know


Having the ability to target a customer at the right time, right place and in the right context has always been the focus for brands when targeting customers. Since the outset, programmatic advertising has given companies the opportunity to reach prospective customers in real time, with engaging and relevant content. The various types of programmatic advertising come with different advantages. One of which is programmatic audio, with benefits that are just too strong to ignore. 


The process of ad buying is now cheaper, faster and simpler for companies than ever before and it’s estimated that by 2020, programmatic advertising will account for 68% of digital media globally, as brands now see this form of advertising playing […]

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Why today’s Social Selling is more like Anti-Social Selling


We’ve all been in social situations where we have got stuck with the classic ‘bore’ – you know, the individual who loves the sound of their own voice and loves talking about themselves.  Their idea of a good conversation is to make sure you know as much about them as is possible in the shortest time possible! The result? “I’m not getting stuck with that person again”! Then there is the person in the corner on their own, not joining in, looking like they don’t want to be there, saying nothing and not bringing anything to the party at all! The same thing is happening on social media.

Which brings me neatly to the rapidly growing phenomenon of

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AI and Agent3


Artificial intelligence (AI)  is best defined as the “branch of computer science that is concerned with the automation of intelligent behaviour” – George Luger 2009.

This subset of computer science has been in the lime-light driven by the new giants of the internet. Providers such as Google and Amazon have demonstrated that the application of theoretical computer science from the field of AI can have dramatic and profound impacts on the way business is conducted.

Machine Learning on the other hand is a subset of AI and is best defined as the “Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed” – Samuel 1959

Due to the incredibly […]

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