Dell EMC gets deeper into key accounts

Case study

Dell EMC gets deeper into key accounts



What we worked on

ABM strategy
Value proposition development
Content strategy
Agent3 Platform (account / executive / sector insights)

What we achieved

Grown the revenues within Dell’s key accounts, with opportunities totalling $25m now available

Fast growing technology company, known formally as VCE, now Dell EMC, launched an ABM programme and used the Agent3 Platform to give deeper insights, resulting in opportunities worth almost $25m.

Build on momentum

One of the challenges when companies grow quickly is keeping up the momentum and remaining focused. VCE realised that with growth rates soaring, it needed to capitalise on the momentum in new markets, without diluting its sales capabilities.

Initial consultancy from Agent3 revealed a top tier of 25 target accounts within the financial services sector that VCE wanted to target. With some initial traction in the sector, VCE required an ABM programme that would combine insight with social content and contact acquisition. Agent3 worked with VCE to conduct messaging, produce content with opinions on the sector and drip feed this content through its sales teams on LinkedIn where it would be visible to specific contacts within its target accounts.

“We wanted to plant a seed that VCE was knowledgeable about their sector and had solutions that could suit their needs. We kept the content opinion focused, not too sales heavy, and posted consistently to make sure we were always front of mind for them.” – Alan Butler, director of EMEA CPSD marketing at Dell/EMC (which acquired VCE)

In addition, VCE used the Agent3 Platform to provide deep insight into these top 25 accounts. The platform curated data from thousands of public and private sources to provide VCE with a dossier of information on top level executives, their organisation, challenges and market. Previously sales teams would have been expected to dig out that information themselves – if they had the time. Butler added: “When meeting with c-suite contacts, you have five minutes to prove you are relevant before they switch off, so you need to use that five minutes wisely. With insight from the Agent3 Platform, our sales teams were armed with the right information to demonstrate their knowledge of the customer’s challenges, and how we can help solve them.”

Deep insight

VCE used The Agent3 Platform to help keep sales people up to date with any news or valuable information on these customers. The regular email alerts and app ensured the sales team get the very latest insights on a customer, so when they arrive at a meeting they are confident in their discussions with stakeholders.

Three-pronged success

The result has been three-fold: VCE has deepened the relationships it has with the customers and started conversations with new stakeholders; it has expanded the solutions within those accounts; and vitally it has grown the revenues within those accounts, with opportunities totalling $25m now available.

Additionally, a softer benefit has been to bring the disparate teams together to focus on the customer. By sharing the insights on the Agent3 Platform, sales, marketing and engineering work together to help solve customer challenges.

“By using targeted data and insight that is sliced and diced specially for our needs, it means we have meaningful conversations, which herald results. The ABM programme and insight from the Agent3 Platform have been a huge asset to us,” Alan Butler, director of EMEA CPSD marketing at Dell/EMC


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