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Welcome to the Agent3 family, Fred Studer [IMAGE NEEDED]

Clive Armitage

June 21, 2019

Fred Studer, joins us as as a Strategic Advisor.

At Agent3 we like to think we’re at the forefront of marketing innovation, pioneering ever more effective ways to help our customers build a bigger pipeline that is faster to close. We created this business to fuse data, technology and content to create sales and marketing outcomes that delighted our customers and which help them to drive best in class engagement within their key and named accounts. We’ve had a great deal of success along the way and have established ourselves as the first global Account Based Marketing (ABM) products and services agency with offices in London, New York and San Francisco (with Dev centres in Ipswich in the UK and Sofia in Bulgaria).

But our story is only just starting; we’re hungry to now go on and rapidly scale our business on a global basis to serve those progressive brands who share our desire to drive modern marketing through the application of data, technology and content. And who instinctively understand our tagline of ‘Insight, not Instinct’ when it comes to driving the best marketing outcomes. As we look to grow, we do appreciate that we don’t have all the answers and are always looking to avail ourselves of the right kind of support network to help us make the right strategic decisions. It’s why we have been delighted to have the brilliance of Julie Woods Moss as one of our strategic Advisors for a number of years now.

And it’s why we’re now delighted to announce that one of the most innovative senior marketing executives in North America, Fred Studer, has agreed to act as a Strategic Advisor to us. Fred has an instinctive understanding of the importance of merging the innate creativity needed to make marketing memorable with the analytics required to help ensure that any activity is best placed to drive the right outcomes. His energy and passion is contagious and we’re excited to see how he can help us further accelerate our ambitious growth plans in the US; we’re certain his experience, network and knowledge is going to be invaluable to us! The future just got that little bit more exciting as a result.

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