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The Impact of AI on marketing and what It means for marketers today

Clive Armitage

December 07, 2022


In the latest of our ‘Agents of Change’ series, we were joined by Katie King, CEO of digital marketing consultancy, Zoodikers, to discuss Artificial Intelligence and its impact on marketing.  Katie has over 30 years’ marketing experience, consulting some of the world’s best known brands, and is author of ‘Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing’ and ‘AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing,’ published in 2019 and 2022 respectively.

From a very early stage, Katie could see the importance of AI and the impact it was going to have on sales and marketing approaches and was captivated by the endless possibilities and how to scale these opportunities. In this episode of Agents of Change, Katie discusses staying ahead and thriving in marketing, the reasons behind deciding to write her books and the factors that have accelerated – as well as hindered – the impact and adoption of AI in marketing. 

In her most recent book, AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing, Katie presents a framework for understanding how AI can boost customer-centricity and sales by creating a connected strategy that delivers value today and into the future. Featuring global case studies from a range of organizations including Samsung, PwC, Rolls Royce, Deloitte and Hilton, the book offers readers real-world insights into the world of AI in marketing, practical tips and advice.  Agent3 readers can use this discount code: KOGANPAGE20 to get 20% off Katie’s book.  Find out more here

You can watch the interview in full here.  Thanks for your time and insight, Katie, it was a fascinating conversation!

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