Successful Sales and Marketing alignment – the reality!


Successful Sales and Marketing alignment – the reality!

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Clive Armitage, CEO, Agent3


21st November 2018

Experience (and countless industry studies) tells us that when B2B brands align sales and marketing, they drive better pipeline, faster.  So far, so obvious.  But experience also tells us that achieving the goal of sales and marketing alignment, despite it being a very obviously good thing to do (Google ‘benefits of sales and marketing alignment’ and you will have enough reading material for a round the world cruise. Twice), is not easy to achieve.

But why?  Surely, if you know something works, you’d be obsessing about cracking it right?  And if you were obsessing about it, you’d then actually crack it? Well, no, that’s the problem; sales and marketing alignment appears a consistently elusive prospect for many in the B2B world, despite their best endeavours to solve the challenge. Dr Chris Boorman, CA Vice President of Marketing for EMEA and the Global Head of Marketing for CA Automation, has wrestled with the challenge of sales and marketing alignment throughout his illustrious career leading marketing functions for brands such as Oracle, Salesforce, Veritas and Informatica.  Watch the short video to get tips from how he has addressed the challenge of sales and marketing alignment and learn how it might not be quite as difficult as you think to drive that all important alignment.

What is the best way to drive sales and marketing alignment? Watch this video with Chris Boorman (VP of  Marketing at CA Technologies) to find out his advice

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