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Earlier in the year, Agent3 was invited to host a workshop at the B2B Marketing Exchange (B2BMX) event in Scottsdale, AZ, on  Measurement.  Entitled ‘Build Your ABM Measurement Blueprint,’ the workshop was led by me,  Alisa Groocock, and my colleague, Steve O’Neil, SVP of our Technology Unit, and shared some innovative new thinking surrounding ABM measurement that would help practitioners to improve, scale, and grow their accounts. 

Suffice to say the session sold out quickly. Why?

Ask any ABM practitioner about the toughest nut that they have to crack when delivering programs, and they will inevitably say ‘measurement.’   Today, most clients struggle to tell a credible story about how they’ve driven the metrics that matter – especially engagement and pipeline.  Clients need a baseline for telling great stories about their ABM efforts – what’s working?  What can we do better?  How do we boost sales/marketing alignment?  And perhaps most importantly, what results have we driven?  This is especially true as we progress from measuring ABM to ABX, reflecting engagement across the entire customer lifecycle.

And yet, ABM measurement is notoriously complex. According to one report, only 54% of marketers are confident that they can measure full-funnel ROI within marketing.  There are many reasons for this, ranging from technology and infrastructure limitations to process and capability gaps.

So it is vital to address this challenge with a credible and effective solution.  With this in mind, it is with great pride that, today, we are announcing the launch of a new measurement approach, the Agent3 Measurement Blueprint.  It’s something we’ve been working on for some time, in collaboration with our clients; we believe the end result contains the latest thinking that clients can use to build a meaningful metrics roadmap.  Demand and ABM leaders now have a new tool for telling credible stories about performance, optimizing what they do and how they do it, ultimately growing their budgetary span of control and organizational influence. 

The approach outlined in the Blueprint includes program planning, campaign activity and business results – a PAR model – incorporating the three key pillars of successful ABM measurement:  program readiness, campaign performance and business outcomes.  To learn more about how we approach measurement, and for our latest tips and tricks on how to succeed with ABM measurement, check out our new guide on turning your measurement into a path to value that delivers on business outcomes here.

Our hope and expectation is that this blueprint will help break down the chaos and confusion. We’re incredibly proud of the end result and can’t wait to hear your feedback. To learn more about our approach to ABM measurement, or have an exploratory chat, drop us an email at

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