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Would you be surprised to learn that only 23% of B2B marketers are fully satisfied with their marketing automation? 

Probably not if you’re one of the 77% that made a significant investment into a shiny new marketing automation platform, but have since been battling with getting the potential out of it and still only use it for sending out email blasts.

Indeed, judging from the feedback we got from the blog we posted back in May, when we explained that using powerful marketing automation tech only for email was like using a Ferrari solely for the weekly shop, it would seem that we hit a nerve among many of you.

Agent3 exists to help its clients get great marketing results, and it’s for this reason that, where marketing automation technology is concerned, we’re big supporters of enabling our clients to think “beyond email” and execute a truly holistic marketing approach. Marketo is one such marketing automation platform which, when used correctly, allows businesses to provide a cross-channel personalised experience at scale, accelerating their lead’s journey to becoming sales ready. In addition, the data and reporting capabilities far exceed that of just a standard email marketing service. 

With this in mind, we’ve decided to run a 90 minute Marketo ‘Bootcamp’ session to help marketeers get the most out of their not-insignificant investment and get ahead of the curve in marketing automation.

Taking place virtually, our Marketo experts will guide you through the core features and functionality of the platform, helping you develop your knowledge to the extent where, when you leave the session, you will be confident in applying what you have learned to particular scenarios unique to your organisation.

Could you benefit from joining our bootcamps?

Agent3’s Bootcamp sessions are aimed at those who have a fundamental knowledge of Marketo and would like to upskill whilst also learning about all of the key functionality that Marketo has to offer.

Within the bootcamps we’ll be covering

  • Quick wins to add instant value
  • Programme types and their usage
  • Programme creation, channels and configuration
  • Smart campaigns, triggers, filters, smart lists and flow steps
  • Email and landing page setup and usage
  • Design studio: templates, imagery and files
  • Form creation, configuration and progressive profiling
  • Tokens, dynamic content and personalisation
  • Operational best-practice
  • Reporting to demonstrate effectiveness of Marketo
  • Q&A session

 With a wealth of experience built up from years of working for some of the globe’s most respected technology brands, we’ll be able to share our experiences of the best – as well as sometimes less successful – ways to tackle particular challenges.  Time permitting, we’ll even work through specific problems you may be facing right now. 

Ultimately, we’re aiming to open up attendees’ eyes to the possibilities of Marketo and help them get the return on their marketing automation investment that they were looking for.

So if you want to join the 23% who are fully satisfied with their marketing automation, click here to sign up! We’ll be running 3 bootcamps on December 17, January 20th and February 22nd, just pick a date that works best for you.  

Places are limited to ensure that each bootcamp is personalised to the group, so don’t delay.

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