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GDPR and the Marketer

Recently Marketo launched an interesting guide aimed at demystifying the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), specifically in relation to marketing automation. The guide explores two key areas that will be central to an organization’s successful compliance with the GDPR: consent and accountability.

With the GDPR set to come into effect on Friday 25th May 2018 we’re sure your preparations are well underway. That said, it’s certainly worth double checking that within the key focus areas identified by Marketo, the following scenarios are being addressed:

Consent by the individual to process their data

  1. Collecting customer Personal Data to maintain and use
  2. Collecting customer Personal Data to use for a time limited period in order to provide access to a resource
  3. Collecting customer Personal Data to maintain and use for limited purposes
  4. An individual has provided consent in the past, but wishes to withdraw consent
  5. An individual wishes to opt-out of Marketo tracking
  6. Documenting consent provided through alternative means

Accountability - demonstrating compliance with the principles of the GDPR

  1. Well understood instance roles and permissions
  2. Separation of customer records via workspaces and partitions
  3. Audit trails to support the ability to obtain a complete history of changes made within the instance
  4. Data subject access requests help your organization’s data controller respond to requests for personal data in a timely fashion

Here’s a link to the full guide: ‘GDPR and the Marketer’ - whilst Marketo focused, the principles are transferable to any marketing automation platform and addressing the key focus areas should help to support your organization’s broader GDPR compliance efforts.

This year we have been busy supporting our clients to evolve their marketing automation efforts to ensure GDPR compliance. If this sounds like something you would be interested in hearing a bit more about, then please get in touch. Simply fill out this form and one of our marketing automation certified experts will contact you for an initial discussion around your progress towards GDPR compliance.


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