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Find out how to align your sales and marketing teams in our panel debate

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is reaching a pinnacle among marketers. And we’re not the only ones who think so.  Specialist marketing and events organisation, B2B Marketing has called its conference Account Based Everything. But ABM is not without its challenges, one of which is how to unite your sales and marketing teams under the common goal of driving new business.

We’ll be hosting a panel at the event with some customers who are real experts in the field; Catherine Howard, VP Marketing, Atos, and Emma Gould, Marketing Manager, BT Business and Public Sector. They’ll give you the inside story on how they shook up their sales and marketing teams when it comes to ABM.

At the event, they’ll be discussing why it’s important to get sales involved in ABM from the outset, how to make sure the two teams feel unite, and how to translate this into real business outcomes.

  • How to get internal support for sales and marketing alignment
  • Why it’s important to collaborate on joint programmes and how to break down the silos
  • How to build trust with your sales team
  • How to work together to define common objectives
  • How and why it’s worth developing personas and roles for your ABM plan
  • How to stop sales teams monopolising boardroom success
  • How ABM changed how we targeted prospects and interact with clients
  • How to use tools such as Hubspot to develop your plan and increase lead gen and engagement

Still not sure? Then consider the statistic from research firm MarketingProfs that states companies with tightly-aligned sales and marketing have 36% higher customer retention rates and achieve 38% higher sales win rates.

Can your organisation afford to miss out on that additional revenue? If you’re interested in finding out more, click here for further details on the panel discussion.

In case you can’t make the session in person, don’t fear! We’ll be publishing a blog shortly after the event with all the key thoughts, findings and examples to come from the event.

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