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BT Business deploys blended ABM to drive increased sales opportunities in key accounts

By Clive Armitage, CEO, Agent3

The telco giant wanted to open up new commercial opportunities within specific key accounts. Working with Agent3, BT Business has achieved an immediate ROI of 10:1 on campaign investment.

As one of the leading UK telecoms players, BT Business provides technology and communications services to 1.2m businesses across the UK and Ireland. With services ranging from fixed-line telecommunications through to networking and cloud services, the organization operates in a lean and aggressive market. In such a highly competitive sector, maximizing wallet share within each customer account is crucial to accelerate business growth. BT Business wanted access to increased levels of data and insight to help it reach new stakeholders within existing customer accounts, provide deeper levels of understanding of customer sectors and grow new customer acquisitions.

BT Business began trialing a dynamic account targeting programme with Agent3, adding 350 accounts to the Agent3 Platform. ABM Champions were appointed within the sales teams to help drive and encourage colleagues to use the platform to their advantage. Sales teams were then trained in a range of social selling techniques to target key accounts using the weekly Intent Reports from the platform. These easy-to-read reports highlighted topics areas where accounts had demonstrated an interest. Weekly intent signals from Agent3 then provided sales teams with the copy and guidance to share and post relevant content out to their networks.

“Knowing they were posting content that their contacts and networks had already shown an interest in helped give the sales teams confidence and that alone has led to customers coming to us to open conversations,” said Emma Gould Insights, Optimisation & Campaign Reporting Planner at BT Business.

The success of this one-to-many approach enticed BT Business to develop a strategically focused approach to its ABM programme utilizing the Intent Data from the Agent3 Platform. By evaluating the data, BT Business designed tactical campaigns around specific topics their key accounts had already demonstrated an interest in; Mobility, Unified Communications, GDPR and Cyber Security. Agent3 produced EDMs and nurture tracks with specific content for each campaign leading to personalized web pages for known contacts, while social media and programmatic advertising targeted unknown prospects.

“Every time we run a campaign we take learnings from the previous one, which allows us to constantly improve. That’s why our open rates and advertising engagement rates are well above industry average,” Gould said.

To complete its blended ABM approach, BT Business worked with Agent3 to conduct specific 1:1 marketing, targeting a large British retailer. While the telco already had some traction inside the organization, it was through a small number of executives whose perceptions BT wanted to realign as well as look to identify other stakeholders within the account to engage with. Through a series of highly targeted event invitations, partnerships and content, BT business has dramatically improved relations, increasing its Net Promoter Score to 8-9 and with stakeholders actively citing BT as ‘dynamic’ and ‘fully-equipped to understand’ their business.

The framework and processes designed by Agent3 to target the retailer are now being used to help BT Business engage with its Hit List 10 – a group of highly specific accounts the telco wants to work with over the next 12 months. Through a combination of executive Deep Dives, Intent Data from the Agent3 Platform, content and consultancy from the Agent3 team, BT will look to land and expand its footprint in each of these key accounts.

The results from BT Business’ blended ABM approach have been carefully measured. Sales teams tag each sales opportunity so marketing can see the direct impact they are having. To date, the ABM programme has delivered an ROI ratio of 10:1 against closed revenue. In terms of pipeline, the campaigns are running at 20% above the target 10:1 ratio and the Agent3 platform is further influencing and enhancing the ability to close a pipeline with a potential ROI of more than 30x the cost of the platform.

Beyond the numbers, the feedback from the BT Business sales team has also been crucial to the success of the programme. Team members said the platform has not just helped them uncover new leads and stakeholders, it helps them shape their meetings and hold more in-depth customer conversations because they know what their clients are interested in.

“With Agent3, we’ve driven results by helping our sales teams have more relevant and meaningful conversations with new and known prospects. The content and social selling has helped us to be seen as current and relevant to our customers, boosting our reputation and further helping to influence sales,” said Gould.

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