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Agent3 platform named a Top Sales Tool 2018 by Smart Selling Tools

By Clive Armitage, CEO, Agent3

There's little doubt that the landscape for martech and salestech is a crowded one. Hardly a day seems to pass without another entrant jumping into the market; either a specialist with an innovative new point solution, or speculative with vendors hoping to capitalise on the current intense interest in all things Account Based Sales (ABS) and Account Based Marketing (ABM). So, knowing just how noisy and crowded this space is, it's incredibly rewarding to see the Agent3 platform recognised as one of the Top Sales Tools 2018 by Nancy Nardin and her team. Nancy knows the technology landscape for sales inside out and so to get her blessing is fantastic.

We don't see this kind of award as the culmination of our efforts though. Rather, it is the spur to innovate even further. Having invested more than $3m in the Agent3 platform and recently launching Version 3 to market, we know we have to be relentless in continuing to drive actionable value for our users. But we're also engaged in a change management process; many of the customers we have brought on board lately are using Insights, via our Agent3 platform, for the first time to more effectively engage with prospects and customers in their key and named accounts. Knowing this, we deliver a blended approach to achieving ROI; software and people in combination to ensure that the metrics our customers want to achieve are met. It's a differentiated approach that is helping us gain traction. There's a ton of work for us still to do, but getting recognition from the likes of Smart Selling Tools certainly helps gives us renewed energy to keep pushing our business forward.

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