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The need for Account based relevance, the role of insight

By Dan Sands, Managing Partner, Agent3

Let the data be your guide

In B2B marketing today we face many challenges, the relentless rise of noise, as more and more companies create content, new legislation in many countries meaning we can't just blast email profiles that fit a criteria, moves by the likes to Apple to reduce or block the tracking of individuals via cookies and ever more demanding consumers, who expect relevance and value in return for their attention.

Account Based Marketing is perfectly placed to surmount these challenges. If you start your ABM campaign with "we'd like to tell you customer about X", your engagement levels will likely fall wide of the mark, but if we let the data in the form of insight be our guide and we select our accounts, channels, audiences and messages with care based, on the evidence, we can get cut through, reach the right audiences without email lists and deliver value to our customers and prospects.

Data can inform these decisions and ensure you are more account centric.  Intent and behavioural data, can help you to select the accounts most likely to engage with your product or service, improving your engagement timing. Similarly when you need to select the message to engage a customer, understanding what topics they are currently interested in greatly increases the chance that your content will fill the need of your prospect and mature into a lead, and if you don't get it right first time, the data will tell you that. When as you get it right engagement data will let you know you are hitting the mark. 

Once your campaign is inflight, act like the pilot, constantly consider all the data points that are available to you, course correct, tweak messages, increasing spend on some channel and decreasing other, listen to the data and be prepared for the long haul to reach your perfect destination, follow this approach and you will get more return for your marketing dollar, get more message cut through and build a better reputation with customers and prospects alike. 

Wondering how to get started in ABM, use data to select our accounts and to build and supercharge your campaigns? Download our free guide here: 

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