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ABM Account Manager


Consulting team (UK)

London Bridge, London

Full time contract

About the role

Off the back of another year’s strong growth we’re looking to appoint an Account Manager to drive even bigger success for us in the coming years as we look to scale up at speed. You will work across multiple clients, supporting on end-to-end programmes that encompass everything from account selection and profiling through to campaign execution and optimisation.  

We’re looking for a candidate with a solid understanding of the role content plays across the buyer journey and experience of managing multi-channel, digital demand generation and lead nurturing campaigns. 

You should have the confidence to take on a variety of hands-on tasks, the communication skills to consult and advise clients, and […]

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Junior Project Executive


Consulting team (UK)

London Bridge, London or York, Yorkshire

Full time contract

About the role

Off the back of continued strong growth we’re looking to appoint a Junior Project Executive. We’re looking for a candidate with a natural interest in digital marketing and the way that new technologies can be used to target and engage companies and people in interesting and innovative ways. The successful candidate will be inquisitively-minded and a self-motivated problem-solver, with a keen eye for detail and trends information, and an easy-going manner working alongside colleagues and our clients. 

As part of this role we will provide training, hands-on experience and guidance around a whole host of different digital marketing tools and techniques. 

Key areas of focus:

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Why today’s Social Selling is more like Anti-Social Selling


We’ve all been in social situations where we have got stuck with the classic ‘bore’ – you know, the individual who loves the sound of their own voice and loves talking about themselves.  Their idea of a good conversation is to make sure you know as much about them as is possible in the shortest time possible! The result? “I’m not getting stuck with that person again”! Then there is the person in the corner on their own, not joining in, looking like they don’t want to be there, saying nothing and not bringing anything to the party at all! The same thing is happening on social media.

Which brings me neatly to the rapidly growing phenomenon of

Why today’s Social Selling is more like Anti-Social Selling2019-07-05T09:32:50+00:00

AI and Agent3


Artificial intelligence (AI)  is best defined as the “branch of computer science that is concerned with the automation of intelligent behaviour” – George Luger 2009.

This subset of computer science has been in the lime-light driven by the new giants of the internet. Providers such as Google and Amazon have demonstrated that the application of theoretical computer science from the field of AI can have dramatic and profound impacts on the way business is conducted.

Machine Learning on the other hand is a subset of AI and is best defined as the “Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed” – Samuel 1959

Due to the incredibly […]

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ITSMA + Agent3


We’re incredibly excited to announce that Agent3 and ITSMA have agreed to be Global strategic partners focused on advancing ABM best practice.

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