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Agent3 & ITSMA make measuring ABM easier


Anyone who has ever been involved in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) will tell you that measurement is one of the most challenging aspects to get right.

‘ABM isn’t like other types of B2B marketing. It involves marketers working side by side with the account team and sales colleagues towards the same goals. And although marketers don’t close deals, they certainly help to tee them up, so it can be hard to pull out their individual contribution from what is essentially a team effort. The best ABM-ers identify their impact on the levers that drive long term growth in accounts: building stronger reputations, broadening and deepening relationships with buyers and influencers, and supporting opportunities to increase revenue.’

Bev Burgess
SVP ITSMA Europe & ABM Practice Leader

No two organizations measure ABM in […]

Agent3 & ITSMA make measuring ABM easier2019-10-14T20:31:30+00:00

Does Size Matter?


This week, at the ITSMA’s ABM Summit in London, we’ll be talking about how we’re helping large complex organisations make the most of the ABM opportunity, at scale.

Does Size Matter?2019-06-24T12:24:48+00:00
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