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Account Based Marketing

As experts in Key Account Marketing and ABM, we can get you talking to your customers about the right things, at the right times, in the right ways

Imagine if the marketing collateral you produced was personalised and went to someone who actually wanted to read it. It would dramatically increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, help your sales teams close deals and drive company growth.

At Agent3 that’s our MO. Using in-depth insight we help you understand your prospects and customers, and target them with content that will entice them to purchase.

We focus on three core areas of ABM that will help you sell more to your existing customers or win specific new accounts.  1:1 ABM, targeting a single large account; cluster ABM, targeting multiple accounts with similar characteristics; and intent-based ABM on a wider scale.  By using data and insight combined with our marketing strategy specialists, we can help you deliver customer lifecycle ABM that works. 

Our five ABM principles are:

  • All our marketing activities are based on data and insight on the account/s to be targeted
  • We’ll help make sure your programmes prioritise the accounts with high strategic value and opportunity
  • Marketing and sales campaigns are tailored to the stakeholders at these accounts
  • We use both offline and digital channels to reach these stakeholders in a personalised manner that resonates
  • All marketing and sales activities are measured based on clear commercial goals and outcomes

We collate thousands of data sources to provide in-depth insight into your targeted account/s.  Using this intelligence, we design and execute marketing campaigns using content and channels that stakeholders will be receptive to.  From providing content such as whitepapers or blogs, to designing new digital formats or producing videos, we have experts on hand.  Best of all, everything we do is measurable so you can see exactly how successful your programmes are.

Our proven methodology of using insight to drive everything we do has helped customers such as BT, SAP and Tata Communications run highly successful ABM programmes.

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