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Our Culture

We are Agent3…

We are Agent3: leaders of true ABM through data, technology and content. We bring together and optimise crafted science. We blend our expert technology with the power and potency of people.

The alchemy of the science of ABM and the craft of marketing is as important to us as the powerful mix of people and range of experience our employees share.

We believe in our people. They are experts, developing talent and entrepreneurs. They are our heart and soul, and we respect and trust them. We believe in collective responsibility so we win and lose together. Anyone can offer an idea. Anyone can suggest a change. Anyone can make a difference. Everyone is Agent3.

We want our people to be themselves. We want their brilliance to shine with authenticity, honesty and independence. We are a diverse team – upbringing, lifestyle, culture, opinions, previous roles or skills – who can pull together to be one super-effective, problem solving, global unit.

Together we do amazing things and achieve unbelievable results. Together we work hard for each other. We praise and recognise great effort. We operate flexibly and understand the demands of work and real-life; from working from home to the time when you begin or need to leave. We trust our people.

We are also keen to see them develop, continue to learn and get better at what they do. We want them to maximise their experiences as well as tell us where they want to go with their careers. We believe that if our people know they’re progressing and growing their career they’ll invest as much in Agent3 as we do in them. From internal coaching and career progression opportunities to a personal development fund and twice-yearly reviews, we drive a positive approach to being the best they can be.

Our offices around the world – from London and Sydney to New York and San Francisco – are bubbling hubs of creativity, development and team work. Work will never be home, but our people need to feel ‘at home’ where-ever they are. So whether it’s shared music or simply toast for breakfast… we come together to make the magic happen in fun, easy and inspiring spaces.

Our teams are positive, respectful and open to new ideas and new ways of working.

We are Agent3. You could be too.

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