ITSMA and Agent3 Partnership

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Go together
and go far!

We are Agent3. B2B ABM specialists. Smart people who do content and creative, devise tech and interrogate data to drive strategies that increase wallet share and boost pipelines for our customers.

Our partnership with the ITSMA, is based on the fundamental objective of achieving marketing excellence for the connected economy. Together we can both be stronger, better and advance thinking across ABM and marketing.

Developing IP that will be invaluable to the marketing community is a pillar of our collaboration. Together, we have developed an ITSMA approved ABM measurement framework. And there’s more to come.

Driving thinking around ideas and issues in marketing is another key pillar of our partnership with the ITSMA. As part of our commitment to delivering and sharing marketing excellence we will be releasing a content series, “ABM: the long and short of it,” over the next twelve months.

This series will be setting out the future of marketing by consulting with experts and thought leaders like you. Leaders from across the industry will contribute as we assess the long and short of topics that will outline where marketing is heading and how it is evolving.

‘Measurement in marketing’ and ‘Content that cuts through’ are our first two confirmed topics. What would you like to be discussed? What burning issues should be explored?

To do this, we need you. Like us, you’re an expert in your field and we are keen to get your valuable input to be shared with your peers and their networks. Let’s start that conversation today.

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